2x extender B and FL 200 f/4.5

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by johnny_tsang, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. Would this work together? Or will there be compatability issues?
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    never seen a 200mm f4.5
  3. Both of my 200mm FL lenses are f/3.5 models. One has a built in hood and one doesn't. I don't know why the 2XB wouldn't fit the 200/4.5 FL. The question is why you would want to do it in the first place. You would have, effectively, a 400mm f/9 lens. Even with a plain mate or grid type screen with one of the F-1 models, focusing would be difficult. I have use the 200/2.8 New FD (1st version) with Canon, Tokina and Vivitar teleconverters. The combination with the Tokina RMC "Doubler" 2X is very good. A 400/5.6 combination is a lot easier to use than a 400/9. I did some close-up shooting with a 200/4 FD SSC and a Vivitar 2X Macro Focusing Teleconverter with good results. A tripod was used. If I did not want to spend the money for a 400mm Canon lens I still think I would get better results using a Vivitar 400/5.6 Fixed Mount or TX lens than the combination of a 200/4.5 Canon FL and any 2X teleconverter.
  4. There shouldn't be any physical compatibility issues, but even if the FL lens design can stand up to the 2X factor, Jeff has a good point. Trying to use a very slow 400mm is going to test anyone's patience with difficult focusing and inadequate shutter speeds.
    I wonder how the full aperture performance compares with the FL 200/3.5 and the FD lenses.
    The Museum page gives this lens, and the 135mm/3.5, release dates of 1966, the same as the second version of the FL 200/3.5. I had always assumed these two lenses to be later releases because of the rubber focusing grip, since most FL lenses (and a lot of lenses from that day in general) have machined splines. Does anyone know that the 1966 date is correct? We've seen other errors on the site.

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