2nd Version 2.8/19 Elmarit R on a Leicaflex?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by geoff_r|1, May 1, 2010.

  1. I'm thinking of replacing my R8 with a Leicaflex, as I don't use it much and would prefer the size and weight of a Leicaflex. My favourite R lens is the 2nd version 2.8/19 Elmarit R, can this be used on a Leicaflex?
  2. According to the Leica Pocket Book, the second version (11258) cannot/should not be mounted on a Leicaflex (i.e original): the SL and SL2 are apparently OK. However, if you also have a 24/2.8 Elmarit, it may not be possible to use it on non-R cameras unless it is modified - it's important to check the lens version.
  3. Or put another way . . . don't do it! ;-)
    I have a couple of SL's, a SL2, R5 and R7 - all have their good and not-so-good points. I haven't handled an R8 so I cannot make any judgement about the ergonomics - but it's almost inevitable that someday I'll find one that is an unmissable bargain(!). However, speaking only for myself, I wouldn't trade down from a late R model to a SL or SL2, and certainly not to an original 'flex. The SL2 is a very nice camera, with lots going for it, but there are times when I really see the benefits of a relatively modern auto-exposure system. That is aside from the common problems of prism de-silvering and similar signs of age. Conversely, I wouldn't sell an SL - and definately not an SL2 to finance the purchase of a R8 . . .
  4. Thanks for the respones, I would be looking at an SL or SL2, rather than the original Leicaflex. The other consideration is an R6. I mainly use Ms, the SLR only gets used for the what a rangefinder can't do, or as an occasional second body, hence the size and weight concerns. I don't need the fast shutter speeds, I always meter manually, don't use flash, and prefer mechanical cameras, so I don't have need for the advantages the R8 offers, and it is quite a lump.
    How about R6 v SL2? 1/1000 shutter speed is fine for me, so am not considering the more expensive R6.2. R6 may be more sensible, but I love my M3 and would like an SLR like that.
  5. A 3-cam late 19mm Elmarit-R will fit on the SL2.
  6. Geoff - I believe the R6 handling is nearly identical to the R5 & R7, which themselves have only minor differences. I'm looking for an R6 myself, and might PX the R5 for one, but nothing else. In practical terms I find the SL2 has a much more convenient wind-on lever than the SL. Also, I find the SL2's split screen is easier to use with super-wides than the standard matte screen of the SL. Other differences have been well documented by people -like Doug - who are much more knowledgeable than me .
    The weight difference between a R5 + 90/2 and a SL2 with 90/2 is approximately 200g, but the SL2 is much larger. I like the 'hand-fit' of the SL2, but its large size is sometimes a nuisance . . . I find it very useful to be able to leave the SL2 at home periodically and use a smaller, if quite different, camera.
    To improve handling on my manual slr cameras I use a door-knob rubber 'grip' fitted to the tripod socket. I have made several of these from readily available materials (costing very little) and they lift the camera from the palm of the hand, bringing the focus/aperture rings to finger-tip reach, thus improving the ergonomics significantly. This is especially true for my 21/4 S.A., but also works for other lenses that have narrow, oddly placed, focus rings.

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