28 F2 AIS focus problem question

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by mjferron, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Just received this lens from a well known used camera store here in the USA and the lens will focus from 2 ft to 6 inches that's it. Anything longer than 2 ft is a blur. Never have seen anything like this. Even tried it on 3 different cameras. Going to send it back but does anyone know what might be up with it?
  2. Yes, it sounds like it was disassembled
    and the body not replaced into the
    helicoid properly more or less so the
    focus travel within the limits of the turn
    is off. It could be other issues too.
  3. This may sound stupid but it happened
    to me. Is there a close focus lens
    masquerading as a UV filter on the
    front? I purchased a zoom that came
    with a big Nikon UV filter, wouldn't
    focus past about 25 feet. It was actually
    a close focus lens and when I took it
    off it focused properly.

    Rick H.
  4. That's what I was thinking Dave.
    No filters Rick. Thanks
  5. My guess matches Dave's.
    Reassembly error.
  6. I hope you get a good replacement. When it's built right, that's a very nice lens.
  7. It's a complicated lens that is a bit more fragile than most, leading to more repairs than most. I bought one that was rather unsharp at all distances, and got a refund.

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