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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by thomson_chan, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. Hi All,
    I've recently bought a used copy of 28-105 AFD from a camera shop. It produces great results, just as many web reviews suggest. But one thing bugs me a bit, it's the zoom mechanism. When I turn from a long focal setting towards 28mm, it could get stopped at around the 35mm position. But if I turn the lens towards 105mm and try a couple of times, the lens would happily let me turn it back down to 28mm.
    Has this happened to your 28-105 lens, or any other Nikon lens? Is there a economical way to fix it? The optics in this lens is great and I wouldn't want to waste it.
    Thanks for your advice in advance.
  2. Thomson--I have a copy of that lens and it is smooth throughout the focusing range. Might be an easy service fix. Good luck!
  3. If it's jamming and you have a guarantee I'd just return it. If you can't, buying another might be less expensive than a service - these lenses are cheap (a bargain) and easy to find. Have you checked the macro switch is pushed up all the way to 'normal'?
  4. I don't know if this could be the problem, but check that the macro switch is firmly in the "normal" position. If that is not the issue, I would return the lens.

    EDIT: I admit that I didn't read Richard's response entirely.
  5. Hi Richard, Eric,
    Thanks for your responses. The microswitch is set as 'normal', it would limit the zoom between 50mm and 105mm, but the jam is around 35mm.
    The store will refund it if I take it back, but it's a bit disappointing that after longing for a good copy, some glitch has made it slightly inconvenience to use.
  6. I had one that produced great results, but a first baseman ran into it, broke in half, so I have some parts if you need them. At least the D3 survived OK!
  7. I've owned a couple copies of this lens (fine at 12MP, not so sharp at 36MP) and the zoom mechanism is very fragile - one of my copies fell off a log about 6" high onto some soft pine needs and it bent one of the internal mechanisms and then displayed something similar to what you've described. I had it fixed by one of the local repair for something like $50. If you own it and if something is broke it's not worth it, but if something is bent/fixable then it might be worth it to get it fixed. If under warranty send it back.
  8. Thanks for sharing your experience :)
    Re Robert, thanks for your generosity. I think I would return the lens, and be more careful in choosing the next copy. I doubt the camera shop would send it off for it to be fixed, as there's no official spare parts and it the resale price is too low.
    I would still like a copy of this lens to play with. I'll be careful with the next one :p

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