270mm f5.5 Schneider Tele Arton

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by jay_lynch, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. Sorry my last question went a little off track. I am about to buy a
    270mm f5.5 Schneider Tele Arton for my 4x5 camera. Is this lens any
    good? I want to use it for portraiture.

  2. Jay, your question didn't go that far off track. The Schneider 270 Tele Arton is a fine lens. It's larger and heavier than the Fuji 300 T. However, it is not the best choice to use as a portrait lens. It's a moderate focal length tele-type lens, requiring less bellows extension than a "normal" lens to focus at infinity. It certainly can be used for portraiture. However, since your camera has the bellows extension capability, it's not really necessary use a tele lens for portraiture. For example, Schneider makes a 270 G-Claron. It's smaller, lighter, and less expensive, and it would be a better choice to use as a portrait lens. It's a very sharp lens for portraiture, but the image can be softened in the camera, with a softening filter, or in the darkroom, when making the print.
  3. As Eugene said, your previous post didn't go off track. Rather, we told you that neither of those lenses are particularly good for portraiture.

    As for the 270mm f5.5 Schneider Tele Arton, I will disagree with Eugene and say that the Tele Arton I owned was a real piece of trash. It was heavy, flat, and had terrible resolution. Of course, your milage may vary.
  4. Jason, I'm glad you said it, instead of me. I've never used the 240 Tele Arton, so I didn't want to repeat what I had heard about it. I hope you're wearing your asbestos suit. Watch out for the flames!
  5. I'm using the 270 f5.5 Tele Arton w/my Toyo AII, and Polaroid type 55 pos/neg film, and my lens looks sharp to me, according to my definition of sharpness, which is a diff. criteria as opposed to sharpness on subject matter other than portraits.

    The Tele Arton notwithstanding, a bit of softness when dealing with portraits ain't all that bad, witness most folks including myself resorting to slapping diffusion on a sharp lens to soften a portrait rendering.

    When you say Portraiture, are we talking about head shots, three-quarters, two shots, all of the above? My lens isn't all that heavy, w/focus @ inf at something like 4-5'.

    Some folks don't consider a portrait a portrait unless every zit, pore, and nose hair, is resolved w/crystal clarity, and the gamut runs to the other extreme with faces you barely make out of a dense fog, so wherever you are on that continium would determine whether the Tele-Arton fits your needs.
  6. I misspoke on one point and meant to say that you can get up close w/this lens to the tune of approx. 4-5'.
  7. Thanks Jonathan,

    I don't like my portraits to be soft focused, but I also don't want them to be tack sharp.

    I already own a newer 210mm Schneider Symmar-S. With that lens I need to get in a little too close for head shots and wanted something a little longer and maybe not as sharp and contrasty....

    I have an opportunity to buy these two lens and just wanted to know which one would fit the bill better.

  8. Jay.....some folks will let you use a lens for a while and will give you your money back if you not happy w/the lens, did you ask and/or is this possible w/the seller(allowing time for testing)?

    My other point w/the Tele-Arton which I may have not made that well is that it ain't the longest you can get for 4x5, not by a longshot, but you can get up pretty close with this lens.
  9. I agree with Mr. Brewer, ( hi Jonathan ) .
    I have had separation anxietes when i sold my 240 .
    I really liked the peculiar quality of this lens .
    Sharp , but not contrasty . I have produced some magnificent
    greys with that lens , if you are looking for softer portraits , that is
    a good lens .
  10. Hey Domenico! Yes that about sums it up, this is a mellow type of lens.
  11. its actually a really nice lens for portraiture! Awesome depth of field opens up to f/5.5 has a nice smooth bokeh. this lens is a bit of a sleeper, not too many made and bit on the rare side, i dont see them too often. 270mm is a nice semi-telephoto for 4x5 which is a great focal length for portraits. i hope that helps jay, goodluck!
  12. Hi I also like this lens much for portraits, mine is at f 5.5 a bit soft but at f 8 it gets sharp and at f 16 its deadly sharp!
    So its the best in one lens!
    Cheers Armin

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