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  1. Your comments are welcome.
  2. "...a $5000 camera won't automatically take a great photo."
  3. Bill, if you want to pay $5000 for my M2, it's yours! On the other hand, I see that a "$5000 camera forum" can make people very laconic and up nose. Thanks a lot guys ...
  4. "Bill, if you want to pay $5000 for my M2, it's yours!

  5. gib


    the brevity of the comments in response to your post may have some direct link to the notion that no one understands exactly why you chose the exclamation mark to introduce an apparently very subdued photographic of a woman (?) wearing a shirt that says Baden Baden (I need a new prescription for my eyeglasses so I cant swear to that) and who seems to be standing somewhere like an indoor food zone in a cafe...where I live is often dull but this photo doesnt strike me as fully resonant with the excitement that an exclamation point might lead me to hope for....and you did say comments were welcome. If you think this photo says a lot or says more, clue us in.
  6. From her stance, I imagine she must be lighting a cig or playing a whistle. Maybe the latter, as the other couple are watching her (or the photographer). Although maybe she has her arms folded, and the bloke has unconsciously copied her posture.

    It is very difficult to decipher, Carlos, and the post makes for a visually cluttered image. Please don't be offended.
  7. Carlos, I think your photograph deserves an extensive critique. Okay, the tile "!" is not good. Believe it or not titles are extremely important for visual images. The tite promised excitment and it did not deliver. Hence, the immediate reactions. It's a good lesson, though unfortunately not a pleasant one. I do not know what this photograph is about. On reflection the main problem is that that too much is going on. Thus, nothing goes on because the various elements in the photograph cancel each other out. I've cropped this photograph and retitled it. You may not like it. It is only an experiment. I've rid the photograph of what I think are the excessive elements. Doing so has created (I hope) some kind of tension. Here it is:
  8. By the way, Carlos, I do admire many of the images in your PN portfolio - THIS ONE especially tickles me - I just don't think this is so good.
  9. That's a good catch! It made me chuckle.
  10. Agree with Stephen W.
  11. Could Stephen or Alex explain it to the rest of us?
  12. I would guess the impact is supposed to be the Baden Baden on her shirt mimicking the sign in the background. Unfortunately the original image posted is too small to readily see this...until you blow it up it is just a soft image of a womans back with no apparent point of interest. I'd give it a pass myself.
  13. Well, now I see comments. Alex, I do like your crop, but I couldn't understand (pardon my naivety) yours and Stephen's comment (the image makes you chukle or the photographer?). Maybe this is not a good image, I agree, but I just would like to see comments about it. Thank you.
  14. My comment is about this one:

  15. Don't thake it too serious, OK? I am not mad at all!
  16. That one is funny too.
  17. gib


    the boxer and the one Stephen linked are hilarious, the shot of the man and the thought balloon is exceptional, a matter of great timing.
  18. Agree with WJ. Great stuff, Carlos.
  19. It's obvious what the ! means.
  20. "Your comments are welcome."
    <P>Apparently not.
  21. Both Stephen W and I loved that image with the man's head making the dot of the question
    mark. It's quite a brilliant shot.
  22. Here is Carlos's boxer shot, which needed a caption.
  23. It's really a delightful dog shot. Nice composition.
  24. The thought balloon shot is very Elliot Erwitt. Excellent.
  25. Sorry Bill, but it seems that your comment was not that constructive. About the title: I used the exclamation mark because I didn't have a better idea for the title. Maybe it wasn't the best, so, next time, I will try another way. Thanks everybody!!!

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