250D 500D Diopter for 77mm 24-70mm (Beginner question)

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  1. Hello Folks:
    I'd like to buy the above two diopter lenes for my 77mm camera lens. (5D Mark II camera). I'm a little confused, I'll need an adapter I assume. A simple step down: 77 to 58mm stepdown. Is that all that's needed? Thanks for the help.
    Jim C.
  2. Hello Jim.
    The 500D comes in 77mm thread version as well, but it's intended for lenses above 70mm and less than 300mm.
    The 250D is for 135mm and less but with a step-down ring I am not sure how useful this will be on the lens you have.
    Did you read this ?
  3. For what it's worth, I've used a 500D on my 24-105/4 and had pretty good luck with it, even well below the 70mm focal length. It can't match a real macro, but it's light enough to carry when you merely might need it, and adequate quality for many uses. (Though I might add that, as filters go, it is by no means light. I just weighed mine and it's 8 ounces including the case.)
    I'm not sure what you mean by 77 to 58mm stepdown - are you thinking of getting 58mm versions of the diopters? I would recommend using the 77mm versions for that lens to avoid vignetting. But if you're thinking of using it on crop-frame, and only at the long end, you might be able to get away with that - I've never actually tried it. Step-down rings are risky.
  4. If you use closeup lenses, use them in the diameter of the lens ... don't step down to a smaller diameter ... image borders are already becoming weak with those lenses if you use a version too small for the lens, this becomes even more visible.
    For the shorter lenses, the 250D (which is a +4 dioptren) is more helpful than the 500D (which is +2) ... the 500D is intended for longer lenses.
    I occasionally use a +4dpt. closeup lens from B+W on a 24-105 with accetpable/good results (just don't compare it with the output of a true macrolens).
  5. The 250D is available only in 52mm and 58mm sizes, whereas the 500D is available in 52mm, 58mm, 72mm and 77mm. I assume that your mention of a step-down ring means that you are aware of this, Jim, but, as Alan and Rainer said, trying to use a 58mm close-up lens on a lens that needs the 77mm size will almost certainly cause severe vignetting, and with what I guess may be the 24~105 lens on your 5DII, your only Canon option is the 77mm 500D. According to the 24~105 manual, the 500D gives a magnification range at 105mm of x0.02 to x0.34, whereas the lens on its own will give a maximum magnification of x0.23, again at 105mm. That's not much of a gain for the very high cost of a 77mm 500D, and, even on a lens for which it is better suited, the review referenced by Diana suggests that there is a significant hit on performance.
    The sad fact of the matter is that the 24~105, like many zoom lenses, is out of its comfort zone for close-up work, whether with close-up lenses or tubes. The EF12 tube, at about a third of the price of a 77mm 500D, does look like a better choice (x0.12 to x0.4 at 105mm, and up to x0.6 at 24mm but with far too short a working distance for it to be practicable). The best answer is of course a macro lens, and you might well be able to find a s/h 50/2.5 for no more than the cost of a new 77mm 500D – although many users prefer the longer working distance of the 100/2.8, which is certainly needed for a lot of insect work, the 50/2.5 is a very fine lens optically.
  6. Just for a quality comparison ...
    I append some shots taken with the 24-105 at f/8 and at minimum focus distance ...
    - 1st - just the 24-105
    - 2nd - the 24-105 + a +4dpt B+W
    - 3rd - the 24-105 + a 2xTC (Kenko CD7)
    - 4th - the 24-105 + the 2xTC + the +4dpt.
    all are 1:1 crops from the image center.
  7. the 24-105 + a +4dpt
  8. 24-105 + 2xTC
  9. 24-105 + +4dpt + 2xTC
  10. That lens takes a beating with the 2x converter... though f/8 is wide open with it. I've found with the 500D that quality improves a lot as you stop down.
    Shot on a 5D: 24-105/4 with 500D, at 105mm f/9, full pic,
    100% crop
    Another use, I was going for a quick very-narrow-depth-of-field macroish shot, so I went with the 85/1.8 with a 500D, with a 58-to-77 step-up ring, shooting wide open at f/1.8, full shot
    100% crop
  11. Thanks all very much for the info! I know what I'll do now after all your great advise...I have some Canon extension tubes and I'll use them until I save up enough for the Canon 5X macro lens. I LOVE closeup work and I think this is the way to go if I'm going to be doing a lot of work w/ it. Thanks again for all the info and work. Great forum!

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