25 years periodical servicing on Linhof Technika 5x7

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by alpshiker, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. I purchased this Tech IV 5x7 and after a thorough cleaning, it appears to be in relatively good condition. After cleaning the
    bench, it is now a bit hard
    to manoeuvre, so is there something that can be used to lubricate the aluminium? I know oil and grease must be avoided.
    What else could help,
    paraffin oil, silicon oil, teflon spray or candle?

    When the front standard sits inside the housing, there is some play which could lead to a bad alignment. Is it possible to
    adjust or tighten the spring
    loaded mechanism?

    Unfortunately, the bellows had some small holes. It looks good though and I notice that it was tapered in some places with
    what looks as thin black
    fibre paper with the same black finish as the bellows. Where can this stuff be obtained? And is there a place that you would
    recommend for new
    compatible bellows, preferably in Europe? Are the original Linhof much more expensive than "Camera Bellows" for

    Thanks for any information!

    BTW, I notice that this is my 1000 post in this forum and the previous, which means that you have already contributed A LOT
    to my LF education! Thanks for all the great advice and for putting up with me ;-) Oh, and if there is sweepstakes at 1000
    and I am the
    winner, I think I could make
    good use of a MQC 5x7. Thanks!
  2. Linhof says "You may apply a very thin film of chemically pure vasaline to the upper track. Under no circumstances should oil be used!"
  3. Only 25 years and it needs a service already? My Tech III 5x7 is 40 this year, and I had hoped to postpone the service another 10! :)

    Of course, I might decide to retire it, and replace it with an Ebony...
  4. Peter, thanks for the tip on vaseline. I'll try it.

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