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  1. can i slave two 220ex flashes together?

    for macro work...
  2. Although the 220EX is an E-TTL flash it has no wireless capability at all, either as master or slave. If you are using a film body, then it would be possible to use Canon's wired TTL remote flash system, with the flashes operating in plain TTL mode. This would be clumsy, and the components of the wired system are expensive (although sometimes available at reasonable prices secondhand), but it would work. Probably the neatest and cheapest way would be to use the off-camera shoe cord, camera-end adaptor with one flash mounted directly on it, short cord, and flash-end adaptor with the other flash mounted on it, total about £150 at the latest UK prices I can conveniently find, plus the cost of two 220EX flashes (£130 each) and that of the (non-Canon) flash brackets. Compare this total of £430-plus with the list prices of £400 for the MR-14EX and £700 for the MT-24EX. Either of these units will work on digital bodies and can act as master wireless controllers for 420EX and 550EX units operating as slaves.
  3. You can use one on a Canon Off Camera Shoe Cord 2 ($50) and the other on an Ikelite Lite-Link TTL slave ($80). That's far less expensive than the other options, and it works well. But it works only in TTL mode, not E-TTL, so it will not work with a Canon digital camera, and you will have to disable E-TTL (in favor of straight TTL) with the instructions available at eosdoc.com.

    It would be a bit easier & cheaper to use a 200E (or other E or EZ series flash) as the master, since E-TTL would be disabled ayway. OR use a camera that is not E-TTL capable in the first place.
  4. Actually, the 220EX works in E-TTL mode with the Offshoe Cord II. It's a nice pocket size flash for fill or marco.
    My Speedlite 220EX Review
  5. Of course a single 220EX will work in E-TTL mode with the OCSC. The question was about slaving two 220EX flashes together. I explained how to do that in TTL mode using Canon connecting kit. It cannot be done in E-TTL mode. There are probably many ways of just synchronising the flashes, with the exposure set manually, but you could buy several flashguns capable of that task for the price of a single 220EX.

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