20mm for DV?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by edward_h, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. Unsure of a better place to ask: Are there DV cameras that have 20mm
    rectilinear (35mm equiv) lenses?

    I've seen compact DV cameras with fisheye attachments and the Canon
    XL2 has a 25mm+ zoom lens, but I'm after wider stuff.

    Anyone know of something like that?
  2. I doubt it as dv sensors are really small. My friend just bought a
    .7 wide adaptor for his panasonic which will make it 29mm ish.
  3. Check out: http://www.ferrario.com/ruether/WA-converters.htm. He compares wide angle converters for popular "prosumer" DV cams.
    Personally, I use the Raynox HD6600-58 - .66X shown on that page. Very low barrel distortion (I don't notice any, really), and it makes my Sony VX2000, whose wide setting is limited to 43mm (35mm equiv) go down to a more useful 28mm (35mm equiv).
    Some of the other lenses on the page may go down to 20mm, at the expense of barrel distortion.

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