20mm 1.8 Anyone else get on board?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by dave_wilson|1, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. So I've been using the 20mm a few weeks now and for me it's a fantastic addition to the bag. I was just curious if anyone else got theirs
    and how it plays out on the FX compared to the DX at the edges and with light falloff in real use. Cheers.
  2. I ve used it on a D810 and D750 and am liking so far as well.
  3. I'm pleased with mine on a D800. As with any 20, you need to be careful with composition, especially what's in the corners.
  4. In the single photo's section on my workspace are some pictures made with the 20 1.8, shot with D800E.
    Easy to recognise the wide angle of the 20. Am very happy with this little gem.
  5. It's very nice to use (very light compared to the 14-24 mm 2.8G ;-). I put up three photos on Flickr showing a true wide angle view, a close up and a macro. The focus is good down to a few centimeters.
  6. Very nice photos showing more backlit scenes too. It seems to handle the light well. I haven't tried it at night yet. That will
    be next.
  7. Andy, is that pic cropped or what? There's some very odd perspective distortion going on.
    Bit odd that none of the main reviewers that do detailed measurements of lenses, DxO, DSLRGear and Lenstip have got this lens yet.
    I can understand DxO, to an extent, because it has to make Correction Modules for loads of cameras, but the others just use their normal test body.
  8. Problem is to get the lens.
    It was available for a short period but it's been weeks that anybody can get one.
  9. Just got one a week ago,using it on a D810 and delighted,find it very sharp edge to edge F4/F11, and it focuses very close.

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