20D & Photoshop CS, How To Open Raw Files

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by eddie g, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. How do I open a raw file from a 20D using Photoshop CS ? Is there a
    way to do it without using the EOS viewer utility to first convert it
    to TIFF? Is there a plug in? I'd just like to open photoshop and
    click file open to get to my .CR2 files. Also, when I convert to tiff
    using the EOS viewer, the photo is nearly solid black?
  2. There is a PS CS update to handle the .cr2 files.
    Download the latest RAW update at Adobe.com.
  3. Just open the file browser and navigate to your RAW images - they should then appear.
  4. Mark, PS CS doesn't natively support the 20D's new .cr2 files, as CS came out before the 20D. That's why the need to download the update.
  5. Thanks Paul, that worked. I really appreciate your help. Is there a way to transfer photos from the 20D to any folder in my Hard Drive in the normal easy way that you can with Nikon? For example, select all photos and then click and drag them to any folder?
  6. Never having liked working with a DSLR tethered to the computer, I use a card reader. The computer treats it like any other drive. It saves the camera's battery power, moves files quicker, and there's nothing for someone to accidently knock to the floor.
  7. Ok, I have thoroughly read this thread and tried it and my cr2 files still won't open in Photoshop CS. I changed the Camera Raw plug exactly as outlined but it still will not open my RAW images.
    Any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong?

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