20D Naming Files _MG_... not IMG_... Why?

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by jona h, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. Recently I must have pushed a button somewhere because now all the photos I take on 20D
    start with underscore (_MG) instead of IMG. Any suggestions?

  2. you shifted to adobe color space

    it's in the manual
  3. I understand the desire to distinguish the colorspace by filename, but why on earth did they use "_MG"!?!?

    I noticed this when I first got my Rebel XT, and I thought it was one of the stupidest things I'd ever seen.
  4. Adam,

    Call 1 800 OK CANON and ask them. Nobody here knows why Canon chose to name their files as they did. And no photographer should care, frankly. It's entirely arbitrary. Surely you'll be renaming your files, right? So what difference does it make what name the file has right out of the camera? It could be called osriutyf.bla for all you'd care, right?
  5. The "_" at the start of images shot in Adobe 1998 complies with DCF and EXIF data standards - all cameras are supposed to do this. My Sony R1 does, too. Standards were established by JEITA (Japanese Electronics Industry Trade Assoc.) - so don't blame Canon.

    If you want you can read the (yawn!) 154-page pdfs defining the standards for EXIF (image file format and naming conventions) and DCF (the standard for organizing the image files on the flash memory) - here:

  6. Bob,

    That does it! I'm sending money.

  7. hahaha i was just wondering whats wrong with my camera when i googled and found this thread.

    is it better to shoot in SRGB, or Adobe (1998)?

    definitely for post processing, i use adobe(1998) or even ProPhoto in 12 bits, but i'm not sure for the shooting colour space. Anyone?

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