20D Gotten Weird on Me

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by littlemike, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. I was doing some long exposures downtown last night. 30 second kind of stuff. Self-timer, mirror lockup selected.
    Today I want to take some snapshots of the grandkids. But the darn camera seems to be stuck in some weird mode. No matter how I set the programming mode (Green Box, P, Av, Tv, M) or however I set the shutter speed or aperture, it wants to take a 30-second exposure after which it does not display an image and none has been saved to the card.
    For example: M mode, 1/30th sec, f2.8, single-shot drive mode. Press shutter button, shutter opens and stays open for 30 seconds, closes, no image shown on screen or recorded to card.
    I've removed and reinstalled the battery and am running out of ideas how to get this thing to act normally.
  2. Check to see if you turned off the mirror lockup.
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  3. Did you leave the long-exposure noise reduction feature on? That could be gumming up the works.
  4. Thanks, that was it. But I am puzzled as to why, with mirror lockup enabled, the camera only does 30 second exposures this morning despite my shutter speed setting (M mode).
  5. Mike, I believe the camera didn't make an exposure at all ... it was waiting for the shutterbutton to be pressed a second time (and thereby take the shot) for 30 seconds ... but this didn't happen. (Since you haven't been aware that you MLU is activated).
  6. Ah. Operator error.
    I'll need to tinker with how the camera operates with MLU enabled. I was using the self-timer the other night. It probably "presses the shutter" twice, as you suggest: once to lift the mirror, then again 2 seconds later to fire the shutter.
    Thanks, everyone.
  7. Similar thing happened to me before, except that I was taking 30+ second exposures with a remote release. I was wondering why the exposure was only about 30 sec no matter how long i lock down the remote switch. Also no memory card recording. Then I realized I had mirror lockup on and needed to press shutter twice. It never even took the picture. Just waited about 30s for the shutter button to be pressed a second time to open the shutter.

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