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  1. does the canon 20D trigger a flash at over 1/250th shutter speed, in
    manual mode via the shoemount of pc cord? I need a flash to be
    triggered for macro work at 1/1000th to 1/1200th shutter speed
    without camera software interfearing with strobe power n stuff like
  2. edit, where I said "via the shoe mount of pc cord" I mean "via the shoe mount, OR the pc-cord" please let me know what is possible with this camera's flash triggers. I will have to return my 20D if this is not available.
  3. seems like it is an easy answer. go and set yoor 20D at 1/1200 in manual mode via the shoemount of pc, and then take a picture with that flash and see happens !
  4. I'm in the market for a shoe mount flash that will also work OFF camera with the PC cord, but not if my camera has the limmit that will stop me from making the photo I want to make.
  5. I dunno, unless you have alot of ambient light, why would shutter speed matter at all ?
  6. Surely if you've got this far you realise that it's the flash duration on your strobes that's the important issue here.

    As Danny said, unless your ambient light is VERY bright, then using a normal flash sync speed will give you a very short exposure. Those photo's of bullets and liquid splashes are shot on perfectly normal cameras, some from a long time ago when flash sync was regularly 1/60th.
  7. I'm working in plain daylight, handheld at hi magnification.
  8. maybe I can get a flash to trigger the 20D? LOL
  9. handheld macro work ? you do know the DOF in macro work is like credit card thin right ? especially if you use such high shutter speeds it means you will be shooting wide open, what the heck are you doing ? I would love to know what the hell it is that you plan to shoot. ***scratching the head***
  10. Hey, as long as he's not shooting his dog or his wife......

    Kids are ok to shoot though :)
  11. I was scratching my head after seing motion blur with the built in flash at 1/250th f32!
  12. lol stephen. there's no bullets involved in this shooting :)
  13. Setting high speed sync on the Speedlite will allow you to use any shutter speed up to the max on your camera. However, this reduces the power available from the flash.
  14. there's no bullets involved in this shooting :)
    That's why I made me a 22 caliber Smith and Wesson Digital Rebel. If my subject doesn't behave they get more than flash between the eyes! ;-)
  15. Julian, thanks! thats closer to what I'm looking for.
  16. Thank you too bill. between the both of those answers I think I can work with this setup.. It's weird that the black line is vertical. Do these camera's have a vertical shutter?
  17. I saw a post that said using the pc-cord and manual mode or hss/manul on the the 1D and 580ex at partial power the user was able to get up to 1/2500th" still looking for info on the 20D being able to do that.
  18. Yes, my EOS 20D has a mechanical vertical-travel shutter. The EOS 1D series apparently uses an electronic shutter above X-sync.
    Yes, the EOS 20D can sync up to 1/8000, but you will need an EX series Speedlite. In spite of detractors, I can heartily recommend a Speedlite 580EX. YMMV.
    If you are going to hack your camera, consider sharing your ideas and results at EOSdoc
  19. Im not sure exactly what you are looking for, but it sounds like a good Speelight and the Off Shoe Cord 2 should do the trick. With the good speedlights, you can highspeed sync up the the highest speed that your camera can go, you loose power = no range, but you dont need much range for macro work. I think a 420ex, 550ex or the newer versions of those flashes and a off shoe cord 2 should do you just fine, they are all completely compatable with the 20D, you will be able to get up to 1/4000, or is it 1/8000 on the 20D... whatever you highest shutter speed is, you can do it easy.
  20. my concerns have pretty much been covered, if I get a pc-sync and an ex series or other H-S manual or canon eos highspeed sync compatable flash I'm set. Thanks alot for the posts and information. I'm now looking at all the interesting posts about painting with light. there's so much fun to be had without relying on exhisting light.
  21. 580EX on the way :)

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