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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by test1, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. Hello All

    I've just tried SunPack PZ4000AF, which works fine with my EOS 3, on
    recently purchased 20D. Damn, I've discovered third unpleasant
    "feature" of this camera (besides that I indeed have hard time without
    2.4% spot-meter and DOF-program) - old good SunPack doesn't
    work...period...not even in manual mode...Just like some years ago
    Canon abandoned FD lenses, now they force people to buy new flashes. I
    don't use flash almost at all, except for studio strobed, but it was
    bitter pill regarding non-Canon flash.
  2. Canon gave out loads of information about the 20D and its specs before the camera was ever released. It was pretty clear to me, before I bought my 20D, that I wouldn't have a spot meter, a DOF program, and only certain flashes were guaranteed to work with the camera. If you knew all of this in advance, i.e. you did your research for a major purchase, why would this be a bitter pill?
  3. Really old flashes used in Manual mode or (thryistor flash) auto mode should work with the 20d. Only the TTL functions will not work. but as above, you should have known what limitations you were buying into. I'm so glad I never had an EOS 3 or 1 because the 20d is better than my EOS 30 (apart from loss of ECF), which was the most advanced camera I've owned. If I'd owned a higher end film body I'd still be saving for a 1 series digital.
  4. Indeed, I knew about spot-meter and DOF, and even flash isn't big issue. I bought 20D because I will not shell out 4.5K EUR for 1D and because I tried to convience myself that if Canon doesn't release it in third generation of amateur SLR then may be indeed I should tame my luxury habits (after having EOS 3 for 3.5 years).
  5. There are quite a few third party flash units that still work with the 20D. Almost any E-TTL capable unit will do. Sunpak has recently released one, and Sigma & Vivitar have had one since before the 20D was released. Metz has updated their adapter to make some of their flashes compatible. Also, quite a few Canon flash units will not work with any of the Canon DSLRs. (Like all the E and EZ series Canon Speedlites.) So this isn't a plot by Canon to disable competitive flash units. Canon moved from cameras with a TTL off the film meter built in, to the preflash metering system that the E-TTL system employs.

    Also, most autoflash units will work with the 20D. A Vivitar 283, Sunpak 383, 544, etc.
  6. If I were in your shoes and recently spent 1500$ on a fine body, I'm sure I'd fine another 170$ (~11%) for a fine flash like the 420EX.

    Happy shooting,

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