20D a suitable backup body for 7D?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by jaydesi, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. I'm just an enthusiastic hobbyist, but I'd like to have a backup digital body for my 7D, just in case, because I try to take at least a few pictures every day (I have a Rebel XS 35mm body that I'd rather not use). I'd rather not spend very much on this extra body, since I don't expect it to be used except in a pinch, or if I can convince my wife to use it instead of her P&S. To that end, I was thinking about picking up a used 20D, since they seem to be running in the $200-$250 range.
    My only concern is that the 20D is several generations older, and may prove frustrating to use after being accustomed to the 7D...but even the 30D is about double the price, used, which I can't really justify. So maybe that answers my question, in a way...so maybe what I really want to know is whether it's even worth having the backup body at all, if the 20D is my spending limit.
    Thanks for your opinions!
  2. Yes.
    I have a 20D and 40D as backups to my new 7D.
    The controls are a bit different, but not so much that I can't pick my my 20D and start shooting right away. The biggest problem for me is the change in the location of the "AF-start" operation from the "*" button on the 20D to the "AF-Start" button on the 7D (but I have my 7D controls mapped so the "*" and "AF-Start" buttons do the same thing!).
  3. I just upgraded from the 20D to the 7D late last year. Certainly, as soon as I'd played with the 7D, the 20D seemed outdated. But that's a feeling more than a rational comment. My 20D took a lot of really good pictures for me over the years, and a used 20D in good condition is perfectly capable of doing the same for you. Since it's a backup body, it's basically for occasional/emergency use, and I think the 20D will do the job just fine.
    You also mention the 30D. I don't think the 30D is a big improvement over the 20D. If you could get a 30D for just a few dollars more, it would be worth it; if it's about double the price, it's not.
  4. I'd get a Rebel XTi instead
  5. For $200 - $250.00 ?
    I've never owned a Rebel, but would still think there would be quite a bit of difference in the feel of the 20D.
    I would think the 20D's controls would closer resemble the 7D.
  6. Having upgraded from the Rebel XTi to the 7D.. I would lean more toward the XXD series for a back up. The controls and menu would be a closer match. ie less fumbling around.. at least IMO
  7. Jim: indeed, but the Rebel is one generation newer (not that it matters much), is also lighter (probably closer in weight to his wife's P&S), has larger LCD screen and the anti-dust feature.
  8. I think I'm going to be the primary user of the camera, so I'm inclined to think the 20D will be a better match than the Rebel series...I had a T1i previously, and like the feel of the 7D much better. My wife won't have any problems using the 20D vs a Rebel series camera.
    I think you've all done a good job convincing me that the 20D isn't a bad choice. Thanks for all the input!
  9. Another "yes" to the original question.
    The Rebel idea is somewhat weakened by the simple fact that the control system on the xxxT/Rebel cameras is rather different from the more "advanced" APS-C cameras.
    The 20D (which I still use) has a much more consistent, two-wheel, top-display, etc., etc. control system. At the current price the 20D is a very good option. I have a XTi as well and even though it has more MPs, I use it less because it is just less convenient. It does make a nice light package with a 35mm f/2 lens, I have to admit.
    Current eBay realized prices for 20D bodies, depending on condition, do start at ca US$250 for functioning ones, but better quality or better presented ones are going for a as much as $375 for the body alone. Of course, offerings with lenses typically vary more. Some patience will be needed to get the minimum price.
  10. The 20D is a fine backup, the worst thing about it the postage stamp LCD. Other than that it is a fine camera, better build quality than any Rebel. Plus you can buy 2 new batteries for it from StrelingTek for under $25 the last time I checked. Never under estimate the value of having spare batteries for an electronic camera!
  11. I upgraded from the Canon D60 to 20D for $100. I have to say it was well worth that money. I would not go older than the 20D for a backup due to the MP are must less with the 10D and D60. As well as they will not accept your EF-S lenses if you use any. So... the 20D is the bare minimum, but I also wouldn't go for the 30D as it has the same sensor, just bigger display screen.
  12. You get models which do their time and after they are replaced, and you get models which do their time and are replaced but become a legend, the 20D is one of them.
    It may be outdated to new models but it does the job and well.
    So yes to the original question.
  13. Wow, I didn't expect to get such a response. I really appreciate it, now I can make a purchase without worrying that I'm making a bad decision!
  14. Yes the 20D should work just fine. I own the 20D, 40D, 5D and a 7D. I use my 20D almost everyday as I carry it in my Tenba messenger bag.It's been a great camera!
  15. Yes the 20D should work just fine. I own the 20D, 40D, 5D and a 7D. I use my 20D almost everyday as I carry it in my Tenba messenger bag.It's been a great camera!
  16. Yes. Fine camera, much undervalued.
  17. Yes to the 20D. No video, but who cares?
  18. Yes, I have it in my bag wherever I go, while the 7D waiting for me at home.
  19. Put a WTB ad offering $200 on Craigslist yesterday, going to check out a 20D today after work. How does one test a used camera, other than putting on a lens, inserting a memory card, and taking a few pictures? I'd expect to push all the buttons, turn the dials, pop the flash, look for wear, listen for unusual sounds. Anything else?
    Should I take my laptop with me and download the pictures to view?
  20. It would be like buying a used car . . . take it for the best "test drive" possible! Do more than just "kick the tires!"
    Yes, take the laptop and download the pictures on the spot if the seller is willing to hang around that long. Or, make certain the "seller" is willing to give your money back within 48 hours or something like that!
    Best wishes,

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