2015: A scanning Odyssey - Nikon Super Coolscan LS-9000 ED

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  1. Actually, it's "annus mirabilis" when it's just used to refer to a year of miracles in the nominative case, as "That was my annus mirabilis." "Anno" is commonly seen, but it's usually a mistake. It's the dative or ablative case of "annus", and would be rendered typically as to or in the or a year. So in your original reference, where you did say "in that anno mirable [sic]...", you did have the anno right, if not the mirabilis.
  2. Worth resurrecting a 39 month old thread to correct someone's Latin grammar?

    I think not.

    Reminds me of the Roman soldier played by John Cleese in "The Life of Brian".
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  3. Which reminds me of his friend Biggus Dikkus.

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