200mm vs 300mm comparison photos

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  1. A mate asked me what the difference would be between a 200mm and a 300mm on a DX camera, I told him with the crop factor its basically 300mm vs 450mm.
    But thats not enough for him to appreciate it and I don't have a 300mm to show him. Is there somebody out there that can take a couple of sample images, one at 200mm and then one at 300mm to show him the difference.....thanks
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  3. 200mm vs 300mm
  4. Take 1/3 off the width and length of the 200 mm photo. Picture wise they will be exactly the same with a quality loss for the crop.
  5. I have been re-tnhinking my bag an if I should get a teleconverter or not.
    I have/had several lenses that I was trying to narrow down.
    • sigma 70-200/2.8
    • nikon 80-200/2.8 afs
    • sigma 100-300/4
    • tamron adaptall 300/2.8 with 1.4tc
    I took several shots at different apertures. When comparing the results, I compared all 3 zooms at 300mm (i cropped the results from the 2 shorter zooms), then I compared the winner of that contest to the adaptall lens (with cropping the shorter one again)
    My results: the Nikon 80-200 afs gives me the best results when cropped to 300mm - better than the 100-300 with zero cropping.
    Then came testing the 80-200 afs cropped to 420mm against the manual focus prime lens. That test was very close. It seems I can push my Nikon quite a ways!
  6. You can also throw a teleconverter on the 80-200 and get the better zoom without much of a loss in quality. Doesn't work well with the 2.0 TC though.

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