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  1. Last year, due to the rapid contraction in the number of available E6 labs, I asked where folks were getting their film
    developed. That thread can be found here:<br><br>


    Since topics in this forum annoyingly drift to the bottom of the heap (no matter how active), I thought it might be prudent
    to update the list for those who hadn't seen it and for others who have some info to contribute. I suppose the responses
    should be posted in this new thread, but feel free to append the old one if you wish. I'll keep tabs on both.

  2. Dwaynes thru Walmart
  3. In the Inland Empire/Riverside,Ca, area. Intellicolor Photo. 3600 Lime: Riverside, Ca. Give Tony a call @951-682-1600. His
    lab is in the back of the building facing the 91 frwy. and 6th street off-ramp.
  4. Self develop with Kodak E-6 Kit. 4 rolls, 45 minutes, $1.50/roll in chemicals.
  5. Seattle, WA: January to June 30th was Ivey in Seattle. {June 30th, 2008- Seattle Location Closed}

    Seattle, WA: July 01, 2008 to current.. Panda Photographic Lab http://www.pandalab.com/

    Los Angeles, CA: January to July 2008 has been A&I when I visit Los Angeles.

    Personal Note: Seeing what I got back from Panda Photographic Lab in July and August, Panda will get all of my E-6 from this point
  6. My local pro lab, Dorian Color, in Arlington, MA.
  7. My local lab and i'm also looking into doing my own. I do my own B+W so I have the equiptment I just need more information on the E-6 process
  8. Wal-Mart and at times myself.
  9. Dwaynes via Walmart.
  10. Same as Robert, Dorian. They do most of the "out lab" E-6 in this area of Boston, since Kodalux isn't willing to pick it up and deliver it anymore. That's how they keep the volume they need to keep the line in control.
  11. CVS to Kodak (week and a half ).Dodd Photo (local) for fast (3 day) turnaround.Both do a excellent job.
  12. Where can we host this information so that it doesn't fade away? Perhaps update with new info as determined?

    The Photo.net forums, helpful as they are, don't allow for "stickies" (as far as I know) and, as noted, older threads are forced downward by newer ones. One solution is to bookmark the page and subscribe to email alerts for new posts. I don't have the ability to host any kind of interactive listing of labs, but maybe someone else will step forward.
  13. I develop and scan E6 at:
    Downtown Camera
    55 Queen Street East
    Toronto, Ontario M6P1R6

    Also, Aden Camera on Yonge St. offers 1-hour E6 processing, but the last time I checked they didn't offer scanning.
  14. In the UK I use The Darkroom UK Ltd based in Cheltenham but they run a postal service. I have tried Peak Imaging and the results were fine too. Stick with a lab you know seems the best advice
  15. Dwaynes for K14
    A&I for E6
  16. Souped at home. Get my chem from vistek, henry's or my local camera guy.
  17. Walmart, Fuji Mailers, and DR5.com
  18. AGX Imaging.
    228 W 14th Avenue
    Sault Sainte Marie, MI 49783
    Phone: (906) 632-1850
    Fax: (906) 632-1852

    This lab is one of the best. All they do is E-6.
  19. If I am traveling, or have some unimportant rolls, I use my substantial supply of Kodak mailers . If I am looking for good, fast service, I use Jacks Camera in NE Philadelphia. It is the closest E-6 lab to my house, and the quality is superb. Other local labs outsource their E-6 to them, so the lab should stay running for a long time.
  20. In Albuquerque, carlsdarkroom.com. 2-hour turn around, excellent national shipping. They also stock chrome.
  21. Dwayne's via local CVS/Pharmacy. Great Prices! I use to go to a local lab until they closed :( a couple of years ago.
  22. Fuji Mailers (Dwayne's)
  23. Still shipping to The Slideprinter (theslideprinter.com). Locally, Iris Photo in Asheville, NC does a fine job (though I prefer SP's cardboard mounts).
  24. Well, I just go to the lab and run it. But then, I'm the other Washington state lab. No retail, just mail in, because I work out of my house on Whidbey Island. Roll film only at the moment, but if there is enough interest in 4x5 I can add that fairly easily. (Convince me that I'll get 20 sheets a week and I'm on it!)
    Basically, first class mail is overnight to most of western Washington and the Portland area, so the speed will be the same as paying a lot more for shipping to Hollywood or Parsons, Kansas.
    Domain Van Horn, P.O. Box 1478, Freeland, WA 98249. More on the E-6 processing page on my website, and I really will put together an order form soon!
  25. Still using The SlidePrinter / Denver Digital
  26. McGreevy pro lab in Albany, NY if I need it fast (4 hr turn around for E6), or Fuji mailers (Dwayne's).
  27. Praus Productions in Rochester, NY - Kodak Q-Lab certified and very easy to work with through the mail

    When traveling to Melbourne (Australia), I have had my E6 film processed locally by Lab X in the St. Kilda area
  28. http://www.technicalphoto.com/ Tech Photo Imaging Fairfiled NJ - I give em 5 stars (out of 5)
  29. Dwaynes. With slides I send at least 3 rolls and buy 3 new rolls it is cheaper than doing it here in Tasmania. Turn around is between 2 and 3 weeks. Any negative films I have I send with my slides also.

  30. In the UK: Regretfully to get anything done reliably I have to travel to London and use Metro imaging, collect in an hour, unless its 4x5
    sheets, in which case I come in another day. You pay heavily on transport, waiting, food, and eventually at Metro themselves, but they are
    fantastic. Positively, when I shoot slide, it is usually in a batch.

    I have had abysmal experience with 7dayshop.com on their development side, (but great with any purchases) Jessops, Snappy snaps and
    Colorama / Tesco's ASDA's etc all use a central processor which looses slide films hand over fist.

    Unfortunately E6 is taking a real shafting owing to the ridiculously poor customer service.

    Its gotten to the point where I am looking into the best home processor to fit my needs so I can do my own development figuring on a Jobo
    C.. series with the Lift. Just need to plumb in a water heater and get wifeys permission.

    All for about 40 rolls of 35mm, 5 rolls of 120 and 50 4x5's a year, its ludicrous, but I have lost 6 rolls of film this year and I can afford to take
    short cuts anymore.
  31. Dwayne's for E-6 and K14, in old Kodak mailers.
  32. Thanks for all the replies. I still use Chromatics in Nashville, but I'm going to send some test rolls to E-Six and AGX... and maybe give Dwayne's another chance (they mucked up my last Kodachrome badly).

    For my own purposes, I'm going to set email notification for responses to this thread so that I can keep abreast of any updates in later posts. Again, thanks for participating and *keep shooting film*!
  33. I use Pro Photo Connection in Irvine, California.

  34. I use McGreevy Prolab in albany too. They do dip and dunk c-41, B+W, and E-6 processing. I just found out they recently changed to processing the B+W and E-6 on Tuesdays and Fridays only, so the turnaround time is a little different. Their quality is the best I've seen, so I'm sticking with them.
  35. I use The Lab in Vancouver BC, which is a twenty minute walk from my house. They seem to have a good reputation around town (there are several other places that do E6 as well.)
    The Lab has a two hour turn around which is nice.

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