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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by dan_brown|4, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. I joined photo.net on April 17, 1997. At that time, I had a different email and account, presumably, I would be dan_brown|1 in today's parlance. Anyway, Philip Greenspun was posting regularly back in the day, and the place was extremely cool.

    Cheers to all, and I hope to be here for another 20 years :^)
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  2. As of August I will have been around for 20 years as well. Don't know what's wrong with my original account; I can log in but can't post anything. I get an error message saying "Please enter a valid name".

    I shouldn't turn this into any kind of gripe session, but I miss the old look as well as the type of discussions when film was king. I enjoyed trying different types of film over different post-processing software tools.
  3. I can't remember when I first stumbled across Photo Net and joined, but 1997 sounds about right.

    I too originally joined and posted under a different name; my real name - "You mean Rodeo Joe's not your real name!?" - I can hear you cry in astonishment. However, some responders back then got quite personal and insulting when I challenged their opinion, and I found some of the comments a bit hurtful. My current avatar of Rodeo Joe has a much thicker skin!

    I don't mind the new format now that most of the bugs have been ironed out. Still can't find the "Insert Quote" button though.

    I certainly don't miss film. 40 years using the gritty muck and printing in a stifling darkroom was enough for me.

    Anyway. Here's to Photo Net, and indeed photography, surviving the onslaught of cellphone cameras and the selfie, and carrying on for a good long time!
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  4. I first started shooting Nikon in June of 1997,but didn't find photo.net until a bit later. Signed up with a different email (which I still use, just not here) and my own name. I miss the old format and the old discussions, although not the acrimony. I could never use a darkroom--some early childhood exposure to noxious chemicals makes me feel like I can't breathe even in a well-ventilated one. Severely limited my enjoyment of negative film. I have fond memories of Kodachrome--its look and the demands it made--but don't miss it.

    The only way I can find to do it is to highlight the portion to be quoted and using the "Reply" button.
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  5. ShunCheung

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    I also joined photo.net in 1997 upon invitation from Bob Atkins. Back then both of us worked for AT&T/Lucent in New Jersey. Bob has since retired and moved to Maine, and I left AT&T and moved back to California. There was no Nikon Forum back then, just a General Forum and a Nature Forum. I bought my first Nikon camera in a Nikkormat FT3 and a 43-86mm/f3.5 AI lens in 1977; that was some 40 years ago and I have sold that body, but I still own that lens.

    Hopefully we all have many years of photographing to come.
  6. I have been around for 12yrs. I have 3 nikon 35mm cameras and probably will only rarely contfibute to the digital threads going forward as i am not up on the upgrades and stuff. Still i am a nikon user. I just bought a 645 so probably the MF forum will be my main interest going forward.
  7. I was a bit slow. I think I was still on rec.photo or somewhere thereabouts in 1997. Did finally make it here in 99.

    Congrats on 20!
  8. Congrats on the 20!

    I did not start photographing until 2006, and it took me a while to get to English language-forums (it's my second language after Dutch), but I think photo.net was the first in 2007? 2008? A bit of a shame I can't get it back from my account details...

    I mostly check forums (or actually sites in general) without logging in, so my account activity is a bit slower than my actual presence ;)

    20 years ago... my first internet connection had been established, but anything with pictures would have bogged it down too much anyway :))
  9. My PNet record shows I joined in 1/2001. So it's been 16 years. Before PNet AOL had a Nikon forum that I participated for a while; it was dominated by a strong personality and often got personal - no moderator. A friend recommended Naturescapes but somehow, as a light forum browser and a Nikon user, I felt more comfortable at PNet. I have always shot Nikon until recently when I also use Olympus Mirrorless Micro 4/3, mainly due to the lightweight advantage.
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  10. Congrats on 20, Dan! I have been around a while, also. There have been some insightful answers questions by others and myself on this forum, so I do enjoy participating.

    I started with an FM & 50/1.4 in the late 70's on a photography path that has led to a lot of great adventures! The FM was stolen a long time ago on one of those adventures, but the 50 is still around and is still a very good lens.

  11. Wow, I'd forgotten about that site! It was pretty interesting - every 5th thread was "Canon sucks! Nikon rules!".
  12. Congratulations. I remember Phillip posting and the old web interface. I, too, miss it.

    I thought I had joined in the mid- to late-90's but the system says June 21, 2000. In any case, it's been a great tool through the years.
  13. I first discovered Photo.net in 1995 but the last time I checked it said I joined in 1999, which I know is not correct. Perhaps a database upgrade or something else changed the dates. Now, I cannot even find the date I joined. Perhaps becasue I am currently not a premium member?

    I agree that it was great when Phil wrote lots of the guides, it gave photo.net a personality that it has lost since then. It is still a very nice place to be and I hope it will continue to be so.
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  14. I joined in 1998, when I got my Windows 98 Compaq computer. So it has been 19 years for me, and that was back in the Greenspun days for me, as well. I have really enjoyed the forum for its entertainment as well as the information exchange! Having a little trouble getting used to the new format, but overall it's been great!
  15. While not as active as many of you, I joined in November 2001 when I got my first DSLR, a D100. Congrats on 20, and thanks to all of you for your advice and help over the years.
  16. I'll hit 20 in five months.

    Danny W.
  17. I joined in 2000 according to the file but read this forum from the beginning when Björn from Norway was still a contributor, the tone was milder and things generelly more interesting.
    Nikon has been in a downhill slide for quite a while, hopefully the coming management shakeup can change things for the better.
    Many photo enthusiasts suffer from the Last Camera Syndrome- for me my D700 has served well and continues to do so. I have no real use for huge files- even an Iphone 6 image can look really good on an iMac screen and 12Mp files serve well.
    The promising system 1 has been left to a lingering demise, killed by high prices, an initially too weak sensor and by some unfortunate design features. Thus I use a microFT system when weight and size is an issue.
    When releasing new products Nikon always has an anxious sideways glance : "will this hurt the sale of something further up the line?" rather than : "is this something the customer wants in this form and for this asking price?"
    A little more excitement and software improvements might go a long way. I expect the Nikon forum will continue to highlight features and unsolved mysteries of the Nikon system if it survives the next 20 years.
  18. Indeed.
  19. PapaTango

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    It's been a long time since I thought about the old Usenet/Newsnet server groups and the discussions clustered under rec. and alt. The last years of the 90s they all spun away into trollfests and porn spam... :(

    I landed here in 2000--having visited on an irregular basis before that. In 2004 I created another account, as I simply could not remember what it had been before. A lot of characters (virtually and literally) have passed in the digital stream. I think that when the last bad attempt to roll out the "new & improved" photo net occurred is when I changed from my given name to the current screen name.

    Never spent any time looking at the Nikon forum--until a couple years ago I was Canon all the way. And then something happened... :p
  20. Shun - you worked for Lucent in NJ in 1997?! So did I! "Retired" in 2001 after 18 years with the company (AT&T Communications). What building did you work in in '97? I was in Basking Ridge at the time of the spinoff from AT&T - went to Warren, Small world.

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