2 hour exposures w Rollei 600x, issues?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by b_kosoff, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Does anyone have much experience doing very long exposures with Rollei 6008i series cameras. I know that a standard locking cable release is required and I know that the battery is being drained all the while. Any tips though from those with experience doing this?
  2. Start with fresh batteries and keep you fingers crossed.
    The batteries might run out before the hours are up and the shutter might close by default. I think you might be wanting to take star trails, so from the film - provided the pic includes the polar star around which the skies turn (or the southern cross if south of the equator), YOU CAN ALWAYS MEASURE HOW MANY HOURS THE BATtERIES LASTED BY REALIZING THAT THE CIRCULAR IMAGES OF THE TURNING STARS PROGRESS 15 DEGREES PER HOUR: TWO HOURS OPEN: AN ARC OF 30 DEGREES ON THE FILM.
    gOOD LUCK (and i did not mean to scream, just hit the cap lock button on these silly Microsoft window machines; on an Apple I can stop that silly cap lock button ..) Sorry
  3. Dear Kosoff,
    I must first admit that I have no experience in doing this. But I think as an adventurous person, I would not avoid doing it just because it is technically difficult.
    I would like to suggest some issues you can work on as a preparation.
    Batteries: it would be likely that the standard NiCad batteries would not last that long. Therefore you may try using a battery that is replaced with NiMH cells. There are quite a number of people who had done this in this forum. A second way is to acquire a powerinterface. This device which is no longer produced take 12V to 18V DC from any transformer and can provide uninterrupted power indefinitely.
    Use toggle rather than bulb. You push the RC120 button once to start and once to stop. If you use bulb, you have to depress the mechanical shutter cable for as long as required, all the time draining electricity and heating up the circuits.

  4. Thanks for the replies. I'm already aware of the advice given, I've done star trails before and own a power interface, etc. I was just hoping there was some method of doing a long time exposure that didn't drain the battery.
    I guess I'll need to use the 10 AA battery pack I have for the power interface or use the NiMH cells upgraded battery packs. I just recently upgraded to the NiMh cells but have yet to really test them. The reliance on electronics of these cameras is both a curse and a blessing in disguise.
  5. if you have a power interface, that would be the best. This gem is so diffcult to come across now.
    10 AA packs only last for a few rolls of films normally. according to old documents of the 6008 manuals, it is recommended only as an emergency when you run out of power.
    i would suggest, if you have a power interface, use a lead acid 12V cell or even a car battery.

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