2.35:1 framing guide in 16 x 9 HD ratio for dslrs.

Discussion in 'Video' started by matt_t_butler, Oct 16, 2021.

  1. For my next video project I will be framing for the legacy widescreen Cinemascope format of 2.35:1 on my Canon R.
    These days it is 2.40:1, a better fit for HD -1920 x 1080 or UHD - 3840 x 2160 release in the 16 x 9 format. (1.77:1)
    I tried to find a good reference on Google but in the end I 'designed' my own ... feel free to duplicate if useful.

    For the purists, they would probably use an anamorphic lens or adapter - but shooting in 4K
    one can afford to sacrifice to loose the pixels top and bottom of frame.
    To mask the LCD, I merely applied semi-transparent scotch tape AKA frosty sticky tape over the black framing area -
    not very elegant but somewhat effective.

    2.35 Framing Guide for 16 x9.jpg Aqua outline 16 x 9 format (1.77:1). White framing 2.35:1 guide.

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