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  1. Since the only available way to get Phenidone near me (without import issues) is buying 1 litter bottles it seems to be way too much developer so I need to know a few things:

    Will it last a some years before expiring?
    How should I store it once and everytime I get a portion out of it in order not to get it damaged by oxygen or other agents? Should I place marbles inside the bottle to top it not allowing air inside?
    All comments are wellcome!!

  2. What sort of "phenidone" are you buying?

    The pure chemical is a white crystalline solid with a melting point of 121ยบC-so not something that you'll likely encounter as a liquid unless you intentionally make it that way.

    If it's a solid, keep it cool and minimize its exposure to air-it should keep a while.

    I wouldn't want to buy it as a solution, but if you do again minimize its exposure to air. I'd be concerned about its shelf life.
  4. Thanks for the answer. I think this store is selling 'POTA developer' which is Pehenidone base developer, so it's really not phenidone!!
    I was also suspicious

    Thank you!!
  5. Most likely it's Phenidone-3. It'll last decades without any particular care. It turns slightly pink with oxidation, but if used in a superadditive combination with hydroquinone or sodium ascorbate, that slight oxidation makes no difference to the developing action.

    A Kg of phenidone will most likely outlive its owner!
  6. P.S.
    POTA contains 1.5 gm/litre of phenidone, and while I doubt that POTA itself is of much use as a general purpose developer, it could be turned into 3 litres of a phenidone-ascorbate substitute for D-76.

    I have a suitable formula somewhere, if you're interested.
  7. Some time ago when working with Minox negatives, there was a bit about phenidone in an alcohol solution. The required amount was drawn out as needed. You might research this approach to your needs. Bill
  8. Thank you, but it's a bit difficult obtaining Phenidone in my country. Thanks anyway
  9. Are you from Georgia, by any chance? :rolleyes:
  10. - If you can get POTA, then you can get Phenidone. Just in solution.

    As I said, one litre of POTA contains 1.5gm of Phenidone, which is sufficient for 3 litres of a PQ or Phenidone-Ascorbate substitute for D-76.

    The only other chemical in POTA, is sodium sulphite, which is used in almost every other developer formula ever invented.

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