1D4 doing weddings

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by yakim_peled|1, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Enjoy.
    Happy shooting,
  2. amazing thing, I cant wait for a vs review between this one and the nikon d3s and in the future EOS 1Ds mkIV vs nikon d3x(nikon d3x). And look at that 12800 iso image! it reminds me of high grain, high iso film, very pleasing to my eye, it almost looks like film and not digital.
  3. Most impressive! I agree with Angel but beyond that, I'm curious as to what an image at ISO 102,000 will look like since both the 1DIV and D3X go that high.
  4. Wow, must be one heck of a camera. Thanks for sharing, Yakim :)
  5. Wow ! but i will still have to make do with my old/trusty 1DMk2 . I will upgrade to that when the wallet allows , maybe another year or 2.. PC

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