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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by nigel_keene, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. Guys I need help.......have a look at the link here I have placed
    two test shots one taken with my 1d mark 2 and one taken with a
    second hand mark1 camera I bought......Can anybody venture as to why
    there is such a contrast in quality?
  2. Doesn't look too bad to me. Part of what shines for the MKII is higher ISO... I think the MKI started to show noise at 400 which might be what you are getting at the treeline. Also, lower resolution... looks like there is be more CA in the MKI also.

    I assume you were using the same lens? Looks like a 120-300 f2.8

  3. Sorry I should have given a little more detail....I was using a 70-200 on the mark1 and 300 mm on the mark2 .......what is CA?

    I thought that the mark 1 shot looked really washed out and I especially shot raw to try and avoid the camera processing being the issue.
  4. Sweet Jesus.

    You're comparing an old 1D + 70-200 with a new 1D2 + 300/2.8. You realize the 300 is probably the sharpest, most contrasty glass in existence, right?

    Why not compare a 1DS2 + 24-70 with a D30+28-300/6.3 while you're at it. It's almost as fair.

    Anyways, quit pixel peeping. Won't get you anywhere.
  5. Nigel,
    I have both a 1D and 1D MKII N. Common sense would say that if you are trying to compare two cameras you need to take shots with both cameras you need to use the same lens and settings on both cameras to get a true feel for how each shoots and to get an idea of how noise is different, contrast differences etc. Make sure contrast and sharpness settings are the same as well.
    In my own tests I found the MKII N was much better than the old 1D, but not that much different. My old 1D started showing noise (barely) at 800 iso, and it really depended on the subject, lighting etc. The MKII I can get similar results at 1000 ISO, yet when I shoot at 1250 ISO and clean the shot using PS it is just as good as one shot at 800 on the old 1D.
    I now use my old 1D as a backup to the new MKII N, simply because I like the LCD screen on the MKII N and being able to zoom in on the shots and check focus and so on.
    I think the MKII N also does a much better job of WB than the old 1D though. I do not have to adjust it every place I go like I did with the original, but that may just be an internal adjustment that was off in the old one.... I may check that out one of these days, wonder if they fixed that when they fixed the fixed the AF on the old one.

  6. I know and you are right I wasnt really comaparing like for like with these shots, but it was only a short while ago I was using the 70-200 on the mark 2 and the shots from the Id mark 1 just seem so off. The only other setting I feel I could change is the sharpness I have it set to 1 at the moment because I read somewhere that it was advised the have the 1d on that setting I guess that might be wrong.
  7. Ps Edward what is pixel peeping?
  8. It could be too that your 1D is in need of AF repair. Mine stopped AF completly but worked great in manual mode... you may want to try that out. At first I thought the diopter was the problem but the shots looked bad too so it wasn't that. $285 including shipping to get repaired.... 4 weeks without it. 2 weeks waiting on parts alone.


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