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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by paul_oreilly, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Wanted to get some feedback. I payed 1350.00 for a 1D 4.2 MP camera with a 75-
    300 IS 3.5-5.0 Lens with battery charger and 1GB CF card with charger. Just
    wondered if I was robbed on the deal. I am new to all this and I think I got
    an average deal at best. Thanks for any input.
  2. I'd rather have a 40D but that is just me. What difference does it make now that the transaction is complete?
  3. I don't know the answer to your question (and it's easy enough for you to find out on your own via e-bay, keh.com, etc...) but I am curious about what action you plan to take when you find out one way or another? I'd hate to say you were ripped off and then have you go out and kill the guy or something. Just kidding, sort of.
  4. I will know better than to do business with them again in case it was a bad deal.............
  5. You should have asked this before you bought it, but its worth $800-$1000 on its own (Incl. charger).
  6. I'd second the 40D new in the box with 1 year canon waranty.

    I buy used lenses. I never buy used dslrs.

    40D issue price is less than you paid. One repair will hurt. Two repairs will really hurt if canon even fixes them still?

    That said I own one of the first made Canon F-1 film bodys in like new shape from February 1971 that I bought 12 years ago. Still works perfect some 36&1/2 years after it was handcrafted out of brass and gears. One cannot assume this longevity for a dslr.

    So yours might be worth $1350 book value. But not to me. Not even worth $500 to me. Ebay's clogged up with old canon dslrs now. Looks like alot people want to trade up into the new $8,000 full frame probody and the $1,299. 40D.
  7. I think you got an ok deal-- not great, but not bad. I wouldnt worry about it, enjoy your camera.
  8. Yeah, I'd go along with Charles' response. The analogy would be buying a used Mercedes when you could have had a new Toyota. You'll be producing the best 4.2MP images around with your new (used) Mercedes.
  9. Despite the 40D's charms, I'd wager the 1D still has a better AF system. And of course, the build quality is a significant step up. For everything else save framerate, the 40D is well ahead. Even the RAW buffer is larger.

  10. That is a good price for one that is in near mint condition with all original contents of the box and two batteries. Otherwise, it is high.

    The 40D is no 1D. They are not in the same league. I wouldn't feel bad about going for the used high-end model over the new midline model for the same price. It's all about what you shoot, and your tolerance for crappiness of build. You have the much better camera. Sweet, simple, fast, to the point, and easy to manage files. If you can't do it with that thing, you probably can't do it with anything. 4Mpix is just perfect. Shoot JPEGs, sit back and enjoy one of the best cameras ever made.

  11. Unless you spend all your time making 16x20 prints, your 1D can run with the latest stuff
    (and can even produce some great 16x20's, if you are so inclined). There are pixels and there
    are pixels, and the 1D's pixels were pretty darn good. Just look at some of the outstanding
    photos the pro's were shooting with it when it was current and you will see what I mean. You
    have a great camera. Go shoot some photos!
  12. I buy used lenses. I never buy used dslrs.
    I'd like to take this opportunity to personally thank you and others like you for keeping the used market supplied with near-mint one-owner cameras for people like me who score great deals on money-back-guaranteed stuff for dimes on the dollar.
    One repair will hurt. Two repairs will really hurt if canon even fixes them still?
    I bought my first 1D Classic in 2004, used, for $1800. Liked it so much I bought a second used one a few months later for $1700. 200,000 exposures later between the two of them, I've paid exactly $185 for a CLA and focus adjustment on one of them. They've been rained on, covered with soap scum from a bubble party, taken direct hits from champagne and picket signs. The camera is so robust I carry it around on my shoulder everywhere I go, in any condition, without needing a protective case. Because it's always out and ready, rain or shine, I've gotten pictures I couldn't have gotten without it. Both my cameras are running like new today and I'm about to hit 250,000 clicks. If I ever need one, a new shutter is $250. And yes, Canon still fixes them.
    The camera is demanding. 4.15MP doesn't leave a lot of room for cropping so you need to get it in the camera. If you're going to shoot something important you need extra batteries - the CCD is a power hog. You should also shoot RAW to get the most out of it - JPEGs are great if you can connect your camera to your computer, bump up the quality settings to their max levels, and apply a custom tone curve. But for disciplined photographers who are smart enough not to climb on the "latest and greatest" treadmill, and who are willing to learn the camera, it will reward you in spades. The fact that you can get one for little more than $1k today is just icing on the cake.
  13. Thanks for enlightening me concerning the 1D El Fang. Hands on experience is always the best teacher.

    Here's a Canon 1D link for Paul to enjoy:

  14. Worrying about what you paid after the fact will only detract from the positive experiences your camera can give you (a.k.a. buyers remorse). You got an OK deal and like some have said, the build quality is far superior to lesser Canon models, even newer ones. Enjoy.
  15. Enjoy the camera and the images it makes. You can do a lot with 4MP. I am getting nice 8x10 prints from a 2.75MP Nikon D1h myself so I am sure you will do fine with the Canon 1D.
  16. Adding to the chorus here... The 1D is one of the best cameras I have ever used. The focus is fast and accurate. I have owned two of them and sold them only because of an elbow injury. Once this injury is taken care of, I WILL buy another one back. There is one on CL for 600 USD and it is a steal!

    4MP is plenty for even 16x20 prints done properly. I could not tell the difference between my 20D and 1D prints at 8.5x11.

    Also the analogy between Merc and Toyota is dubious IMHO. The Merc that I owned was a dog, sucked so bad that I sold it after 2 years. The Lexus on the other hand is another story altogether. As long as money permits, I guess I will always own one.

    -- V
  17. I think you got a 'fair' deal if the body is in good condition and and the shutter actuations are less than say 60-70k.

    The good news is that this package won't depreciate much more in the next year or two, but you can't say the same of a 400D or even a 40D. Just look at what a 30D or 350D are worth used today.

    Good luck and enjoy the camera!

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