1980 Pulitzer photo winner finally gets his prize

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  1. Better Late than Dead "NEW YORK When the Pulitzer Prizes are handed out Monday at the annual awards luncheon, none of the recipients will likely receive more accolades than Jahangir Razmi. Although he did not expose corruption in business, housing authority abuse or ongoing damage to the world's oceans -- as some of his fellow winners did -- his journalistic service is equally notable, as is his patience. That's because Razmi, now 58, has waited 27 years for his prize, despite winning it in 1980. His dramatic photo of an Iranian firing squad executing 11 men in 1979, which won the Spot News award for United Press International at the time, has always been credited simply to "anonymous." But the impact and drama of the photo, taken in the midst of the post-Shah regime change that eventually resulted in the 444-day hostage ordeal at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, was never lessened. Razmi, who lives in Tehran, had kept his photo credit secret, fearing that disclosure at the time, or even in the decades that followed, could mean the end of his life." Full text at above link.
  2. Let's hope he doesn't get in trouble now.

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