1968 Chinon CS and a Chinon 135/2,8 = Love

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by cenelsonfoto, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. I don't take my Chinon out enough. When I do, I usually throw the 55;1,7 or the 28mm on it. This morning, I screwed in the 135/2,8 and headed out to the square for some light. The lens is a bit long for the work I was doing, but I added some distance to my positioning and shot away.
    Superia 400 film. These as well as others (digital and film) from my market shots can be found at http://nelsonfoto.com/showtime.
  2. I aks him if I can shoot him - "Shoot me who!?" the look seemed to say. I explained myself further, then "Shoot away!" said his longtime friend. So I took another shot.
  3. Let's try that one again after a quick resizing:
  4. 8 -shot this one way under, like, rated 25ASA when it shoulda been 400. First shot on the roll, figured it out quickly enough. Anyway, overexposed, converted to greys.
  5. Some great pictures in that presentation. Plus, SimpleViewer looks like something I'll be downloading...
  6. Good job, CE. I especially like the second of the old guys. The market shots are very nice as well. Keep going.
  7. I love the tones on those shots! The 135 served you well.
  8. Like the veg shots you got there (and the gladioli) but overall nice coverage.
  9. Glad they're being enjoyed.

    I am rapidly losing faith in this photo.net endeavor. I do not know how much longer I can be a part of this community given recent policy changes, etc. You guys can always find me at nelsonfoto.com if need be. I have a phpbb forum plugged in, feel free to join and discuss whatever. Plan is to use it for photographers in my area to join forces, but see no reason why location should preclude one from chiming in.

    I really just wish people who use this site as much as many of us do would simply ante up so this stupid, backwards assed hotlinking and advertising warfare could be done away with. It's ruining the works.

  10. Craig, great pictures, I really like what you see with your eye-camera.
  11. first two are great, third one is my favorite, nice DOF. The compression from the 135 works well on this series, very nice work!

    ...and what's up with all the hotlinking anyway?????

  12. $$ makes the world go-round.
  13. Stay around, let's keep the best forum here alive!

    Ads? I don't see no ads or hotlinks :) I don't see why people who have contributed / become subscribers should be faced with a barage of ads - perhaps they could be toned down or turned off for subscribers?

    Privoxy, ain't it great!

  14. opc


    C.E., your photo's are great. The give a colorful perspective to an ordinary event. Well, I presume this is an regular event. There is a regular farmers market in New Orleans every tuesday and saturday that you have inspired me take out my Retina IIIc and go and shoot it. Thanks.
  15. Olivier - Good luck to you and pease share with us once you have some results. I am about 9 hours north of you in the NW corner of Arkansas... I keep thinking to find my way down to Nawluns for some photography and a spot of etoufe - will shout at you before (if!) I do, we'll go together for some eyecandy.

    Paul - I aint goin nowhere at the moment. Just very concerned about current schemes to make a buck off this joint. I have learned to live with the ads, but the hotlinking is off my radar - I cannot abide by it. If they decide to go permanent with that method of fundraising, I will have to go my own way.

    Frankly, I no longer think it is about making money to maintain the site. Brian has brought up yet again the matter of certain people waiting for repayment of investments. To me, sounds like pressure is on to pay the shark, and the shark smells blood. If this is the case, a push to force users to get honest and subscribe will not be enough, which may explain the short-sight on that end in preference for more aggressive (and in my opinion ridiculous!) methods. The hotlink appropriates your words - nothing I can do about the old posts, but I can refrain from enabling them further by lurking or avoiding the site altogether. There are other sites.

    If it isnt about pressure to repay massive investment in ops, then I would think a crackdown on nonsubscribers and the amount of webstorage allowed should be sufficient. It will cut down on a lot of the garbage traffic and cut costs significantly while raising funds in the same move.
  16. opc


    C.E. I have been meaning to get up to your neck of the woods. I have a goal of atending an L.S.U. game at each of the other S.E.C schools home field. I still have Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Arkansas to go. If you do come to New Orleans come down 167 through Ruston, Winnfield, Alexandria to Lafayette before heading east to New Orleans. If you do that you will see the three States of Louisiana. North Louisiana is typical southern culture, Lafayette is, ofcourse, Acadiana, and New Orleans is an island unto itself.
  17. Sounds good to me, Olivier - bad news for you is I'm a Gator.


    Hope your Tigers have a good year, but looking forward to seeing what Urban can do for the Florida team. Come on up here and help me harrass these Hog fans.
  18. Nice inspiration, CE--I forget that sometimes there are good photo ops precisely where LOTS of people are gathered. I liked the girl reaching for the kitten in the basket and your wife posing like Rambo with a three-barrel semi-automatic disguised as a tripod. I've never seen veggies in such rich colors before, except maybe in those new ketchups for kids. Either its the Arkansas soil or the film. So I have to ask, What are the relative merits of these Fuji films that I keep hearing about on this forum, Velvia and Superia? I've got to try one of them (with one of my oldies, to keep the discussion on-topic).

    PS. Likewise I appeal, hang around if you dare. Since they haven't removed the PATH/MTA thread yet, maybe there's hope for free speech and really getting to know what moves the people who make up this Classic community.
  19. "then I would think a crackdown on nonsubscribers and the amount of webstorage allowed should be sufficient. It will cut down on a lot of the garbage traffic and cut costs significantly while raising funds in the same move."

    Craig, This would imply that subscribers are contributing sense and non subcribers garbage. Sheer non-sense. Without eBay (Paypal), photo.net can not be subscribed to by folks from outside the U.S.
    It encourages one to trade on eBay.

    The hot linking idea is not workable as it does hijack anyone's post. It will certainly reduce traffic by driving people away for sure. Let us see how things are going to shape up here.
  20. Vivek, you are correct - I typed too quickly. One's subscribing has little to do with the merit of their contributions to the forums.

    I spologize if I offended you.

  21. Don, the most vivid of those images are straight out of my Fujifilms S5000 digital - shot at 200 in Chrome mode. It gives quite a healthy boost and works well with flower and veggie shots. Not bad at all. A lot of the images there are indeed film shots made with classics (Chinon CS, Kowa 6, Daichii Zenobia, etc, etc) and some not yet classics (Oly 35RD, Minolta XG1). My budget is such that I have little spending change for color dev, so the S5000 is my sidekick most days - hey, it gets it done.

  22. Apologize, of course... editing myself.
  23. Spoligies to whom, guy? It was a general statement and was not directed against you, Craig. I was a subscriber last year when I had some cash in my paypal account :)
  24. I have seen and received enough instances of sheer disrespect from a few choice members of the photo.net administration that I won't subscribe. Otherwise, I like to think that I'm contributing in some useful way. Cut me off and I'll setup shop elsewhere.

    I have no galleries now and link images externally for my presentations.
  25. Craig,

    Great portfolio! Please continue to post in classic cameras, you are one of the most consistent high-quality shooters.

    My bride and I am in Little Rock for the 4-H Wildlife Habitat Evaluation national contest, and we are both very impressed with Arkansas. For a capital city, LR has certainly retained a lot of small-town charm and local color. The scenery is great, and I'm getting hooked on fried catfish....

  26. I'm sorry guys. I don't understand the hotlinking issue. What do you see or experience that I don't? I only see ads (no pop-ups) if I enter the forum thru the Phot-Net Homepage. Am I doing something right (or wrong)? There are a few churlish people here and there, but I think that is the nature of the world these days with its lack of accountability for personal actions.

    I do have a question about the Chinon 135/2.8.

    I have one of those, and in my viewfinder it shows a large, bright circular reflective pattern whenever I point it at a bright object. Somewhat like a halo. It does so on all my M42 bodies, but my Vivitar 135/2.8 does not. Using a lenshood has no effect. The glass seems to be clean internally and thge front rim is also factory blacked. Anybody experience this? Any ideas?

  27. Paul, not much help Im sure, but could it be separation?

    Dennis, you are too kind - I feel there are folks here with far better eyes, but I will take kudos where I can.

    I'm glad you are enjoying your stay in LR. Got a mind to run down and shake yer hand, but I took a divot out of my sidewall and am not venturing out onto the big road until I get it swapped out. As I can't afford to change a minimum of two tires at the moment, I'm confined to county by-ways.

    Be careful of the heat - it's been horribly hot of late. Hope the 4H stuff goes off like it should.

  28. Sorry, I just bought a Chinon CS, and I was wondering if you could give me any tips with using it? Also, could you please tell me what kind of battery it uses? Thanks!
    Your photos are terribly interesting. There's a dusky atmosphere that softens the photos.
  29. Great photos. You use of the 135 is very effective in isolating your subjects. Hope the weather is NW Arkansas is better than what we're having today in N. Central Mississippi. I can't complain too much as we had some beautiful weather over the weekend.

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