1968 35 or 50mm

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  1. I am looking for a 1968 50 or 35mm lens. Which lenses were produced at
    that tim,e amd do you have any idea about the serial no. I should look
    for ?

  2. 2 254 401 - 2 312 750
    according to this site: http://www.forloren.dk/lbf/leica_lens_serial.htm
    The price difference between 35mm and 50mm will be big!
  3. Just wondering, why a 1968 lens in particular?
  4. You are looking for a 50mm Type 1 Rigid Summicron (a rigid of the first optical type). There were three barrel designs for this optical formula. The Dual Range was one, and another was the earlier Type 1 Rigid with a matt chrome finish and a narrower knurled focusing ring. The type you are looking for is the later model Type 1 Rigid with a shiny chrome finish and a wider knurled focusing ring. All of these 50's (except a very few rare black paint models) are chrome and have an infinity lock. The next optical formula following the one you want was the Type 2 Rigid Summicron with a black barrel and no infinity lock. I believe it came out circa 1970. I'm not very familiar with the 35's of this period, so can't add much there. Hope this helps.
  5. Two of the three barrel designs for the 50mm Type 1 Rigid Summicron formula. The Dual Range summicron was one. On the left is an early model 50mm Type 1 Rigid with a matt chrome finish and narrow knurled focusing ring. On the right, on the Bessa, is a late model 50mm Type 1 Rigid with a shinier chrome finish and a broader knurled focusing ring. By the way, I made one statement in error earlier ... I said all three designs had an infinity lock ... in fact, the Dual Range doesn't.
  6. My info on 1968 35mm lenses is as follows. The Summicron will be the 8-element type I. The Summaron f/2.8 was in production at that time as well as the Summilux. Serial numbers in my guide are identical to those given by Kurt.
  7. 38th birthday present? Period equipment for a time travel expedition?
  8. Thanks for all the replies.

    I need a 1968 Lens to compliment a 1968 mint M4 which I bought recently and indeed as mentioned will give to my wife on her 38th birthday coming may...

    I am looking into the mentioned lenses, havent found one yet but am confident that I will.

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