1955 Edixa and repair

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    A nice person kindly sent me this Edixa Reflex for free. They bought it for the lens and the camera was ancillary to the purchase, so they sent it to me.
    I was actually expecting a late model Edixa because the lens they got was a 1970s Meyer... but when I unwrapped the camera - lo and behold an extremely early Edixa Reflex! 1955 - the only year this camera was available with slow speeds, but without strap lugs. Speeds 1sec through 1/10 were new for 1955, and strap lugs would be added in 1956 (with auto diaphragm plunger a new option as well).
    The camera was dirty an had not been stored in good conditions obviously... The real leather covering also seemed to promote green corrosion.
    The shutter was slow and sticking. After a bit of cleaning I got it to fire on all speeds (even the slow ones) but all of the speeds were still way off. So I added a couple of turns of tension to the springs, and the shutter livened up.
    Unfortunately, a new problem appeared, and I would love it if anybody her has any ideas about this:
    For some reason when the shutter is cocked the edge of the first curtain pulls past the edge of the second curtain. As can be seen in this photo. Half of the time when the shutter is released, the first curtain hangs up on the second curtain. Now shouldn't they be lined up precisely over one another? Is there any adjustment for this? Or how do I go about solving this issue?
    Any answers greatly appreciated! I really want to run a roll through this, but I'm kind of stumped by the shutter issue.
    Anyway, here's another photo, from after I finished cleaning up the exterior - with another old Isco lens mounted:
  2. I've tried all of those things so far haha. (but thanks for looking!)
    I did notice that the film gate is light sealed on the edges with a strip of shutter curtain, and that this showed wear on the right side, so I peeled it off and cleaned as much of the glue off as possible. That seems to have helped a little, it fires most of the time now. I guess I'll use a piece of electrical tape to seal against light on the outside of the joint so it won't interfere with the shutter.
    The closing curtain does seem to lose speed across its travel, so maybe I'll just keep exercising it, or maybe I'll have to put on a little more tension still.
  3. Well, good luck, but you're beyond my grade in the repair process. At least the ribbons and curtains look to be in good shape.
    It really looks nice after your cleaning it up. Congratulations. Thanks for sharing with us.
  4. Thanks.
    It is interesting to note that the Edixa Reflex was designed by Hans Waaske who would later go on to create the Rollei 35. In fact he tried to get Wirgin to produce the design and they said "no way" - he took it to Rollei next, and the rest is history.
    The Edixa Reflex line died in the early 70s when the rest of the German camera industry took a dive. After Waaske left Wirgin there were no more major improvents in the design just minor improvements here and there.
    One thing that is commonly forgotten about the Edixa Reflex is that it beat Pentax to having a right hand lever wind by several years.
  5. Wow that'S a really nice looking rig! I must say I know little about the Edixa. That long lens looks great on it an Isco you say? What is this mount`I hope you can sort out the curtains. Is certainly crewed up a FED playing so I don't play with matches any more!! How bright is the finder? How 'bout some shots?!?
  6. I'll take some shots when I get the shutter working reliably enough. It is suffering from some serious fade on the middle speeds. Slow speeds, and 1/500 and 1/1000 work fine though.
    The finder is plain ground glass, and exceptionally bright considering there is no Fresnel screen. There is however very noticeable light fall off in the corners. The ground glass is very fine, and the focus "snaps" - which I've not seen before on an SLR of this era. The Exa and Praktica I have all go very gradually in and out of focus -but this one comes up crisp right on the dot, and falls off immediately.
  7. ml


    now this is a long shot in a thread 7 years on but.... i'm having the same problem. did you find a solution? :D
    also: how did you get the bottom plate of?

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