1937 Agfa Jsolette Jgestar front cell setscrews/dogscrews?

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  1. I picked up an Agfa Jsolette dual format (6x6, 6x4.5) camera...probably 1937.

    The front lens cell distance scale setscrews/dog screws have chewed up slots, so they cannot be tightened. The dried grease in the lens cell threads has been removed, so the lens can focus, but the distance scale can't be tightened so the scale ring cannot rotate the focusing cell.

    How does one go about identifying characteristics for such tiny screws, in order to seek replacements?


  2. Are you asking how to measure and specify screws that you have in hand? Or do you mean something different?
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  4. So, how did you get the glue... I mean grease to let go enough so that you could get the lens apart? I have the same camera.

    These screws might be too small for this to work but I've heard of people using a dremel and a cutting wheel to "re-slot" screws, - basically they bring the wheel down perpendicular to the top of the screw and cut another slot or cut a deeper slot where the current one is (or was).
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