1926 Eastman Kodak Co., No 1A Pocket Kodak

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  1. I've had this camera for several years, and recently dug it out to research
    it's "heritage", on close inspection though, I've found that it is in decent
    condition, except it's missing the viewfinder mirror and eye piece.

    Might anyone be familiar with this camera and if or where I might be able to
    obtain replacement parts?
  2. Hi, Martin Although I've got quite a few Rochester Kodaks, your 1A Pocket Kodak isn't one of them. However, although Coe's "Kodak" Bible doesn't give production figures, it tells us it was made from 1926 to 1932 in the US and 1929 to 1935 in the UK, so they aren't likely to be all that uncommon with a view to finding a "junker" to cannabalise.

    From Coe's two pics, it does seem that the viewfinder is a bit slimmer and with a higher back angle than on other Kodak models of that era, so if you want to keep things looking genuine you'll have to restrict your junker-search to the 1A Pocket. ~~PN~~
  3. hi Martin,
    Peter is right, best would be to find a junker and use it for parts. Then again, are you sure the viewfinder mirror is missing? Sometimes it's just dirty, something a cleaning would solve.

    Just out of curiousity, is your camera the same as this 1a Pocket kodak?
  4. Thank you Mischa and Peter, I appreciate your insight. Mischa, yes it is that same model, I had some difficulty tracking it down, as you are no doubt aware there are many 1A Pocket Kodak models out there. It was interesting to find out that this model is among the more rare versions; it's sister models, made in 1929-1935, were done in an art deco coloured leather (Blue, Green etc), whereas mine is of the traditional black leather and is in excellent condition. Unfortunately though...the entire eye piece and viewfinder mirror is gone, only the housing for the eye piece remains now. Do you have the same model?
  5. You could try to find another junker Kodak, not especially the 1A Pocket Kodak and use that viewfinder instead, it won't be original but it will look similar and when you only use it on display, hardly anyone would notice. Just look at old folders at garage sales, flea markets and so on. Having said that, it would of course be great to find an original viewfinder.
    I don't actually own the cameras on the website. Chris, the guy who provided all the info, used to own this camera but has apparently sold it.
  6. At the risk of sounding inappropriate...do you have any idea how much he got for it?
  7. Sorry, I have no idea how much he sold his collection for, but a camera like the 1A Pocket Kodak would maybe fetch something in the range of UKP 10 (U$ 15).

    Checking the completed auctions on eBay UK gave me similar prices, look at this one: No.1A POCKET KODAK AUTOGRAPHIC. So in case you're looking to complete your camera, it would not cost you too much.
  8. I have an 1926 No 1A in excellent condition with all parts and it is in working order. I've been going through family estate items and found it hidden away. To me, it is in great condition- even the leather looks great. I would like to sell it. If you are interested or know someone who is, please let me know. Thank you.
  9. I might actually be interested. Where do you hail from and how much would you be asking?

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