18-200 vignetting issues?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by rick waller, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Buddy of mine just asked for a recommendation for a UV filter for this lens. Any vignetting issues using a regular
    Hoya or B+W filter on this lens?

    I don't want to recommend a "thin" filter if one is not required.

    Anyone have any experience with "normal" thickness filters on this puppy?
  2. A normal filter ring will cause zero trouble on that lens. I use one regularly (a B+W) without any impact at all with that lens backed out to 18mm. Just stick with a quality multicoated filter, in the interests of making the most the situation.
  3. Thin ring shouldn't be required on 18mm. I just got a 12-24mm and a standard filter ring does vignette at 12mm.
  4. Thanks for the feedback everyone
  5. I didn't see any problem with vignetting on this lens and I had a filter on it. Nor did my Tokina 12-24mm have any vignetting with a filter on it. I use B+W or Nikon, more recent filters I use are HOYA Super-HMC.
  6. While I do not have experience with this specific lens, Nikon typically sizes the filter attachment on all of
    their lenses, even ultra-wides (which the 18~200mm is not), so that a standard Nikon L37c or NC filter may be
    used without mechanical vignetting. Nikon brand filters, while not special "thin/slim/wide angle/et al" designs,
    are fairly low profile at only 4.5mm thick in sizes from 52mm to 77mm, and have full front threads. A 72mm
    standard B+W F-Pro mount filter is the same 4.5mm thickness. A standard 72mm Hoya HMC filter that I used to have
    was only slightly thicker at 5.5mm. None of those should cause any vignetting on a DX Nikkor.<P>

    So tell your buddy to skip the special "thin" filters, save some money in the process (less for more?), and get
    something that takes a real lens cap. :)

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