17-85 f4-5.6

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  1. I've gotten an err1 message, and to 'clean contacts' recently. I have googled for an answer, but not sure how to go about it? Anyone. The lens is abut 3 years old, not much usage. Or is it giving up the ghost?
  2. Do a search on clean contacts within photo.net. A lot shows up on how to clean them.
  3. Send it to canon, I suspect a flexible wire inside snapped due to zooming action and old age, Causing the aperture mechanism to malfunction, Which then results in error 01 message on the lcd screen.
    Happened to me on my 24-105. A common problem with these lenses.
  4. I'd start by cleaning the contacts, its free and easy, then go from there. Use a pencil eraser and just rub it across the brass contacts on the lens as if you were erasing a mark on a paper. If this doesn't help, then I'd either call Canon or sell it "as is" and get another one, they're around $250 used now.
  5. ll try the eraser thing. It worked today for a couple shots, I plan to replace it at any rate with the 24-70 2.8 or similar, but its never malfunctioned before. I found the thread on cleaning as well. Thanks.
  6. If the camera mount contacts are dirty--usually from a greasy fingerprint--even your new 24-70 can have difficulty. I'd do an extra good job with proper electrical contact cleaner and micro-fiber cloth. The eraser technique is for emergency use in the field and prone to spreading eraser crumbs in bad places...
  7. oh ok thanks, I thought about eraser dust too, not being a great thing in the camera itself. I suppose you can use it on the lens though and just wipe it off.
  8. I probably don't need to say this, but.....
    Remember there are contacts not only on the lens, but in the body as well. Either or both can be the source of problems like these.
  9. I had this same exact problem on my 17-85. Sent in to Canon, and they replaced the diaphragm assembly, which is the aperture assembly including the ribbon cable that goes with it.
    Try cleaning the lens and body contacts first with an eraser. Do it mount-side-down so no crumbs fall inside. If it doesn't fix it, send it to Canon.
  10. I did the eraser thing and all is well..so far Thanks.

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