165mm LS shutter synchronization question

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  1. After picking up a 90mm LS from ebay I spotted another auction for a
    165mm LS that did not get much attention. I had only one minute to
    either pass or place a bid. I chose to place a bid and I won at a
    price nobody could resist it I believe. When the lens arrived I was
    surprised by how nice the shape it was in. I remember seeing one at a
    similar condition in a photo fair but at a price of $500+. Anyway I
    got it really cheap and it looks really in a beautiful shape.

    But when I compared it with the 90mm LS I immediately noticed a
    difference. For both lenses to fire the leaf shutter, after cocking
    them, you can just manually press (move) the aperapture linkage lever
    next to the rear element of the lenses. Both shutters fire
    accordingly. But I see a significant difference.

    On the 90 LS when I press the aperature lever slowly I can see the
    shutter blades closing down completely while the aperature blade are
    closing down to the designated f stop. By further pressing the lever
    the shutter fires and the shutter blades remain closed afterwards. I
    can see the shutter blades closed fully before the shutter is
    eventually fired.
    On the 165 LS when I press the lever slowly and while the aperature
    blades are closing down I do not see the shutter blades closing down
    at all. In fact before the aperature reaches the designated f stop
    suddenly the shutter is fired. The shutter blades close down quickly
    and immediately open then close again (open for the duration of the
    desigated shutter speed). Then the blades remain closed afterwards.

    I am wondering why is the difference between the two LS lenses. Does
    it mean one of them not working correctly? I wonder if the 165 LS is
    supposed to work like that. I wonder if it will synchronize with the
    focal plan shutter correctly. I guess I can shoot a roll and see if
    it works or not. But it will take a few days before getting a result.
    Can any of you who own a 165 LS tell me if mine is likely to be
    problematic? I know I got it really cheap but it is because of the
    auction. The seller said it is in excellent working condition.
  2. email me for a MW doc on the operation of both LS lenses msmith@fayar.net
  3. The 90 is designed to fire on your command by any of the lens switches.
    The 165 only fires with the camera shutter switch.

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