1600mAh NiMH 6000 Rollei Battery

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  1. I was previously very despondent over my Charger C refusing to charge up my only 3 6000 Rollei batteries. When I was about to write off my 6-lens 6008AF kit with Phase One P20 back, I bought the CellPro Multi-4 charger which worked like a charm bring back my 3 batteries to life. However, when working in full AF mode, each original battery (containing 8 NiCd500mAh cells) only gives about 80 shots and died.
    I recently bought 3 pre-assembled packs of NiMh1600mAh on eBay and ventured to replace the guts of the 6000 batteries. Being an electronics idiot with novice soldering skill, I removed the original NiCd package, de-solder the wires and re-solder them back onto the new pack, put everything back on and wham! it works like a charm. The first transformed NiMH battery got me 350 shots (each with the 80mm 2.8 AF lens forecd to focus and re-focus) in one go. And with the CellPro charger, it's back to full charge in 2 hours.
    I managed to change the guts of all 3 batteries within 30 mins.
    I am an extremely happy man now with a fully revived 6008AF digital system> Schneider lens rule!
  2. Larry,
    Took the plunge, eh? Seems the Rollei batteries get considerable space on PN (Rollei 6000 postings). In reality, as you've discovered, securing a robust battery and/or charger isn't as daunting as it may appear. Batteries - standard capacity or enhanced - are a ready resouce.
    If only I could use the camrea as well as everyone else...
  3. 113>
    Hi Larry , can you please describe this NiMH pack - it is lots of them on ebay , but size is critical.
    Best jp
  4. Just search for
    "Replacement Pack for Rollei 6000 sys Battery NiMH cells"

    in eBay and I got 3 packs from them, it fits well into the battery casing, no problem. Delivery is 10 days. Excellent service.
    Crucial thing is to buy the CellPro Multi4 charger that charges the NiMH pack.
    Also be careful not to short circuit the metallic parts. I was as clumpsy as a 9-year old novice and I set off some sparks when I was not careful with my metallic tools.
  5. By the way, the total I spent less than the price of one new original Rollei 6000 battery (I guess is close to $190) with 3 new 1600mAh replacements plus the CellPro charger (total $180), and I get 9 times more battery power. Go figure!
  6. Thanks Larry
    My cells are on the way:))
    Best jp
  7. Best of luck for the major "transplant surgery", jp .
  8. I too was despondent over the Rollei batteryl Buthen, working with Graham's advice, Eric Hiss' help, and Oleg in NJ - got some new batteries (I think one may even be 2000-2500 mAh), and voila: the first (and best) battery gives hundreds of shots with the dp20 back, and battery issues for the 6008AF are no more. Surprisingly so, but its good to be back without issues.
    In short, I agree with you totally.
  9. Hi Larry,
    Can these renewed batteries be charged with the original Rollei charger C? Where did you get your Cellpro charger? And how is this charger connected to the battery? Thanks,
  10. Hi Larry,
    Can these renewed batteries be charged with the original Rollei charger C? Where did you get your Cellpro charger? And how is this charger connected to the battery? Thanks,
  11. Dear Alvin,
    Sorry I have been away.
    I haven't tried the revived batteries with my Charger C, which I am now using as a paper weight. The thing I hate about Charger C is that it automaticaaly changes to trickle charge on its own and I cannot tell whether the battery is fully charged or not.
    The CellPro Multi4 charger you can google it and I got the charger plus the adapter as a package. Their service is excellent too.
    The Cellpro charger comes with a standard output lead with black and red wires. I just solder them to the smallest banana pin I can find that fits the holes of the battery.
  12. I just changed over one of my battery packs using the replacement kit sold on e*ay. The way the wiring works with the replacement kit, unless you add a small jumper wire positive contact #1,( the one on the far left with the fuse above the contacts) is no longer connected. It is the slow charge connection and is also attached to the fuse. Si this a problem?
    Also the output voltage after a charge with the rollei charger N is 11.11 volts. This seems too high. I am hesitant to plug this battery back into my camera.
    Has anyone tested the voltage output on this new battery set up?

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