$160,000 lens

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  1. That's INSANE. And it's a video lens.
    Perhaps videographers and cinematographers have a bit more liquidity than we still photographers...
  2. I'm thinking that the videographers don't actually own their equipment. The production company does.
  3. WOW! And to think you can get it with 6 month no interest / no payment financing...
  4. It can zoom from 13mm to 1150mm in about half a second. Also has a 2x tele built-in. This was it
  5. Give Leica a month or two: maybe a f.09 version would sell well with the M9 body....
  6. and priority mail 4-7 day shipping for it, from B&H to US addresses, is only...

  7. Oops, I clicked "order" and the order is "non-cancelable"...
    Thank goodness for the credit card reform bill!
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    I'm thinking that the videographers don't actually own their equipment. The production company does.​
    A lot of pro video equipment is rented.
  9. Man, spending $3,128,944.50 at B&H is pretty easy, three clicks.
    Oh, and add - $40,605.00 - for priority mail
  10. Makes buying the S2 with a few lenses look pretty cheap.
  11. Yikes, you could buy four or five houses near Detroit for that.
    I would rather have the lens ;-)
  12. Why 10 cameras? Most shoots involve three cameras and more only for special effects (like blowing up a building). When you bill out in excess of $100K/hour, excluding talent, it doesn't take long to pay off the cameras (eat your hearts out, wedding photogs).
  13. I have an older cousin, a Fujinon broadcast lens that weighs in at about 20 lbs sans housing, was going to use it for video-astronomy on a 2/3" camera but the rig is so heavy that it will need a substantial and expensive mount; paid $25 for the lens and came complete with motors and gear drive. That's what happens when there's a format change, everything older is junked for new gear.
  14. Darn, I just bought Canon's 5200mm f/14 lens, and now there's a more expensive one out there?! Geesh, there go all my bragging rights. :-(
    Anyone wanna buy a 220 lb lens cheap? I'll throw in a 1.4x TC.
  15. One could purchase five Sigma 200-500 f/2.8s at $29,000 each for the cost of one of these Fujinons. Then again the zoom ratio is 2.5x vs. 87x
  16. "That's INSANE. And it's a video lens"
    If you think that's insane check out what is going on in the Audiophile industry. I know this is straying from the point, but I was an Audiophile before turning into a Photo-geek. Cartridges as small as 1/2 inch long are going for $2000 or more. Cartridges are the needles used to play LP's on a turntable.
    Some turntables which have been making a comeback lately, are going for 6 figures or more. I'm glad I held on top my 1980's turntable ! Analog turnatables are popular with Audiophiles, these days, because as an analog instrument, they do not Clip the highs and the lows thus offer a smoother sound. Therefore, you get a wider range of frequencies, although hampered by noise(dust).
    Now they have a so-called CD called an "SACD" which stands for 'Super Audio CD ' that is supposed to capture a wider range of audio frequencies. While the normal CD captures about 20 Khz- 20 Khz of frequency, the SACD is supposed to capture 20 KHZ to 45 kHz which is beyond human hearing. The 20 khz on the left means the lows, such as a base guitar, or bass drum. The 20khz to the right mean the highs, trebel, cymbals, flutes, soprano voice etc.
    Unfortunately as in photography, the Final Link in the chain which in this case is the Speakers, can only capture the frequencies which they were designed to capture, this is analogous to a Digital printer which can only capture 300 dpi at most.
    For example, I have an old pair of speakers(20 Years old) which can only handele 40 Khz - 20 khz . So no matter how much juice I pump into it, I can only expect moderate results. In any case the added frequency response does help !
    The great thing about Digital is that you get accurate results, accurate colors and accurate music. A computer algorithim can be easily set up eliminate sounds, or colors that do not fit into the pattern, but such is not the case with analog...
  17. This from the specs:
    • f/2.4 at 13.2-476mm
    • f/5.8 at 1150mm
    • WOW!
    But alas, no VR. Could be why it showed up on the Antiques Roadshow ;)
  18. No VR? ? ? Take a close look at the multi k $$$ tripod and pan head it is mounted on, lots of mass = VR. :) :)
  19. I love the warning on the website about how your card will be charged when you place the order.

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