135MM F2.0 L lens. What happened to them?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by darryl_klein, May 5, 2009.

  1. I've searched everywhere and cannot find one. All big online houses are backordering them. Called Canon and they were no help except to tell me it was released in 1996. Anyone heard about discontinuing, production problems, or maybe an IS version replacing it?
  2. The simple answer is that Canon appears to have cut production/supplies of their most popular glass. It is not just the 135 that is understocked; the 24-70, 24-105, 50/1.4, 50 compact macro, 85/1.8, etc. all have had stock issues
  3. ebay item no: 120404446275 took 2mins to find one here :)
  4. I ordered one last Friday from Adorama even though it said they were on backorder. I was not in a big hurry. But Monday afternoon I received my tracking number and it will be here tomorrow. Still says they are backordered on the site.
  5. Thats not too bad, my normal supplier is giving a 10 day to shipping time frame, I think things getting tight all round :) .. cheers
  6. It's the same with the 24mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.4 and the 50mm f/1.2 - out of stock and mostly backordered. Even here in Germany it's hard to find these lenses.
  7. Add the 200mm f2.8 to the list. Pretty well all the most commonly wanted L primes are hard to find.
  8. Hey.. thanks for the responses. Chris JB, Im embarrassed as I did a quick search on ebay and missed that one. Tim I ordered from Adorma hopefully ill have the same results.
  9. Hmm, around here (in Finland) they seem to be reasonably well available. By looking at a couple of online stores I've used I got the following statistics:
    - The first (and largest) has a few copies directly available at their various stores, plus one more in stock.
    - Second store didn't have availability information
    - Third one gives an approximate delivery time of 2-5 days
  10. The 35/2 has been out of stock and/or backordered for weeks at B&H and elsewhere. Too bad now that I actually need a particular lens for once (and prefer the big retailers).
  11. You can order one through amazon, although it will be fulfilled by one of their "marketplace" sellers -- Ace Photo Digital. $1040 today, up from the $900 it was not long ago.
    The 200mm f/2.8, 24-70, and 24-105 are also available on amazon, fulfilled by adorama.
    On the other hand, no 35/2 on amazon.
  12. Seems to be in stock at Uniquephoto.com. Try giving them a call. I've dealt with them before and they were okay. http://store.uniquephoto.com/e/index.php/canon-telephoto-ef-135mm-f-2-0l-usm-autofocus-lens.html Good luck!
  13. Looks like Adorma is out also. Guess Ill just wait Im not in a huge hurry either.
    Thank you for placing an order with Adorama.
    We regret to inform you that the following item(s) is currently on backorder

    from the manufacturer, and we are unable to ship immediately.
    Item Number: CA1352AF - CANON EF 135 2.0-L USM U.S.A
    Our experience has shown that most backorders are shipped out within 10-14 days.
    We will update you immediately should there be a change.
    Please note, your credit card will not get charged until we ship.
    Please accept our apology for this. like Adorama is out
  14. the 135mm f/2.8 SF is in stock. It's gone up $44 since I bought it at $277 a year ago. I guess you could say that it doesn't outperform other lenses but it has outperformed my investments ;-)
  15. Go Adorama! Just got my tracing number for the shpment. Go figure.
    Thanks guys! and Tim.
    We would like to notify you that the order you placed with adorama.com, is being shipped
  16. Glad to see you got one! Adorama should change their online stock status. I can't wait to get mine tomorrow! The 5DMKII arrived today and I my jaw hasn't stopped dropping. The combo with the 135 should be awesome.
  17. canon has always made the less popular L series lenses in batches - I suspect that they have reduced production to cut inventory.
  18. If it's been a while since these were produced, then Canon may have no stock left until they run them again. Some stores and distributors may still have stock. I wouldn't read too much into it.
  19. In Hong Kong, the 24-70 has been out of stock just about everywhere for the last 3 weeks...
  20. It seems the camera companies in Japan are playing it close these days. I have been waiting about 2 months for a Canon focusing screen I ordered from B&H. No problem, it's just an option for me to use with manual focusing. Constantly reading about the out of stock status of many lenses and seeing that on this screen strikes me as quite different than a few years ago. Just manufacturers cutting back on production I suppose.
    You will indeed love the 135L. I never really used mine until fairly recently. When I go out of medium format I bought a bunch of lenses all at once building the dslr system and never really got to trying all of the lenses. The 135L is a winner, great portraits wide open are a treat.
  21. I ordered one from Adorama yesterday and received it today. It was marked as "backorder" though.
  22. I would go with Amazon- avoid Adorama. I bought an L lens from them last year, and when it was received, the auto AND manual focus did not work on the lens. Very "abrupt" salesman on the phone, when I called to voice my complaint his attitude was rather cavalier.

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