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  1. Hello everyone!
    I'm looking to purchase a 135mm 2.0 and the price was $900 a couple of months ago and now it's over $1000 everywhere I look. Does anyone know why the price fluctuates? When would it go down again? Can anyone recommend a good place to buy it. Thanks :)
  2. ive always seen it around 990.
  3. Canon jacked all their lens prices up about 10% last Fall.
  4. I doubt it will go down in price.
  5. Can anyone recommend a good place to buy it.​
    Your Facebook account shows that you cover the NJ, NY and PA areas. Craigslist would be the first place to look. That's where I bought some of my used mint conditon lenses and very good condition DSLR's at prices cheaper than buying from a camera store.
  6. The Fred Miranda Buy & Sell forum always has several available for sale around the $900 price point.
  7. Does anyone know why the price fluctuates?​
    USD has been weak against the yen and euro, so foreign products are bound to suffer price increases. However if you check prices from 5 or 6 years ago, prices changes are pretty small considering all the inflation since then. The EF 135 2.0L USM was $865 at B&H in May 2005 (Pop Photo). It's $1070 now. I think gas doubled since then and shipping nearly tripled. The dollar menu at BurgerKing is now $1.50. Hell my wages were cut by 6.67% this week. Such is life.
  8. I expect that as the price of fuel goes up the price of the 135L will also go up, if you want it, buy it now. It is a darn good lens.
  9. KEH.com has an EX+ condition one for $960. You'd be hard pressed to tell the difference beteween their EX+ and a brand new one. I bought my 135/2 from them, used, several years ago.
  10. Price new, is around $1,069.00. I bought mine on EBAY used and it looks pristine- not a rub mark on it, or dust anywhere($890.00)
  11. I decided to buy this one instead of the 70-200 is 2.8 lol. I know people will probably get on my case about that one in the wedding industry, but I just prefer prime lenses.
  12. The 70-200 2.8 is not a "wedding" lens, so your choice of the 135 is obviously smart. Most wedding photographers use either the 85 1.8, 85 1.2, or the 135 f/2. Additionally, many photographers like the 24-70(or previous 28-70)for wider portraits of groups, at weddings.
  13. I don't really want to get into this, but the 70-200 is such a good lens that photographers are using it no matter what the nature of their work is. Plenty of wedding photographers are using this lens for telephoto as the convenience to be able to pull out to 70mm outweighs the quality difference of a prime lens for many photographers.
  14. The The 70-200 2.8 is a "wedding" lens? On another forum they were calling it a dog show lens!
  15. The 70-200 2.8 is a killer lens and not just for weddings. I am amazed at the quality I get from this lens and lately I use it more and more and I have never shot a wedding.
  16. The 70-200 is a BIG lens, and at weddings, most people want an unobtrusive lens in their faces
  17. The 70-200 is a BIG lens, and at weddings, most people want an unobtrusive lens in their faces​
    Hehe, I understand your point, but you can't get this lens into anybody's face, as the closest focus is 4.5'. Typically, this lens is for shooting things at least 6 feet away. It's a great lens for getting OUT of people's faces. If you're going to be within 4 feet from someone's face, something in the 24-50mm range is more reasonable.
  18. Huh? Are you crazy? Get an M42 to EOS lens adaptor and buy some vintage manual focus 135 F2 or 1.8 for less than half that price! Hurry though, cause prices are going up on all the fast old M42 lenses....a few years ago you couldn't give those things away. Now they're popular again with the DSLR set.
  19. What is a M42 lens? So do you think I should choose the 135 over the 70-200?
  20. Buy it used. Try KEH. I see them between $925 & $1000 New.
  21. M42 is the old Pentax and Praktica universal SLR mount. A lot of people are buying the adaptors to put these excellent lenses on New Canon EOS digital SLRs. Just be aware they are manual focus only, and will only meter in the "A" and "M" modes. They're not for everyone but results can easily be as good or better than new AF lenses at less than half the price. Just search "M42-EOS" on FLickr.com for some examples.
  22. For the 135 lens, KEH is the best place to purchase $$$ wise, as stated above.
    The 70 - 200 is the go to canon lens, for all sorts of reasons, it just excells at what it does.
  23. Missy:
    Depends on what you want. The 70-200/2.8 offers a lot of flexibilty. It's always twice the weight (3.2 vs 1.6 lbs) of the 135/2, which I use.
    I sometimes struggle with getting a fast enough shutter speed during the ceremony even at f/2. f/2.8 would be worse. The IS doesn't enter the picture because I'm using a tripod. Even then, it's a matter of timing the shots for minimal movement.
    What body will you be the using? I have used the 135 with a 1.6x body (given me an effective 216/2 lens) and then full frame for everything else.
  24. If you look here you can see the graph of how the price of the 135mm has increased over time (in British pounds of course, not those pesky greenbacks!)
    Every other product is listed there too. For those of you that can't be bothered to work out the exchange rate, it's about 1.6 USD to the pound.
  25. We know in the US, as far as Canon's fluctuation of lens prices- thank you. Nikon has done the same "see-saw" effect with their equipment as well. Cheers!
  26. $925 NEW? at KEH? Nope- try $1,069.00

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