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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by emile_de_leon|9, Oct 22, 2002.

  1. Hi all,
    I havn't ordered 12x20 film in a while and didnt know how
    difficult it was to procure Ilford.My local camera shop can order it
    for me but Ilford says it will only take a 10 box order in HP5 and
    20 box in FP4.The cost is $190.00/box for the Ilford 12x20 in HP5. I
    don't want to buy 10 boxes so I was wondering if any of you 12x20
    shooters needed film and wanted to work up an order for the end of
    the year or the beginning of 2003? This would be through Midtown
    Photo in Middletown CT.I'm friends with the manager and he gave me a
    great price for the HP5.Another dealer in the West is charging
    $30.00 more at $220.00 per box with a waiting period.Let me know if
    you are interested.
  2. That's a good price, and ten boxes isn't bad as these things go. In
    Middletown?? Surprise. Anyway, I'd be interested in a box or two at
    that price. Let me know if you get enough others to fill the ten box
  3. Carl,
    Midtown Photo is a great shop. Relaxed/no attititude, with LF photogs employed there, and over 35 years in business. Located an arms throw from Wesleyan University, they are always well stocked with B$W papers, chemistry etc.,and supply the photo/film dept at the school.I'll let you know when and if we can do this.
  4. You may want to check with Fred at the View Camera Store (www.viewcamerastore.com). I know they were keeping the ULF size in stock. Another alternative.


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