127 rodenstock ysarex on 4x5

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  1. I asked it also elsewhere, but I would like to have your opinion also:
    I have a 127 rodenstock ysarex in perfect conditions, it comes from a Polaroid 110a.
    I thought I could mount it on my 4x5, but I see it is impossible, the image on my GG is
    always out of focus; the rear and front standards are too distant and it is impossible to get
    them closer. I should modifie my lens? What can I do? I would like only to be able to cover the
    format with no tilts or movements.
    Thank you
  2. It works well. I have a friend who mounted his 127 Ysarex on his 4X5 with good results. What kind of 4X5 camera do you have that will not mount this lens? I mount a 90mm, a 150mm and a 210mm on my Busch Pressman and on my 4X5 Toyo View; and they focus well.
  3. To focus on infinity you need to place the lensboard approximately 127 mm from the ground glass. To focus on closer objects, you move the lens farther away from the ground glass. If the problem is that your camera can't move the standards close enough to focus on very distant objects, you should still be able to focus on close objects. Have you tried this? If the problem is the standards won't approach close enough, I don't think that there is any practical way to modify the lens. In theory, one could make a retro-focus lens, but this doesn't seem like a do-it-yourself project. Much easier would be to make a recessed lensboard that positioned the lens inside the front standard, so that it could be positioned closer to the ground glass. I suggest as the first step, experimenting with focusing on close objects.
  4. Hmm. Following Dr. Briggs' lead, if your cameras standards can't be brought close enough together to focus a 127 at infinity, the only way you'll ever be able to focus distant subjects is to use a longer lens. The longer lens will have to have flange-to-film distance at infinity no shorter than your camera's minimum extension. There's nothing you can to do make your 127 usable with your camera.

    If, that is, you're right about its minimum extension. Check again, and tell us what it is.
  5. I don't know what camera you are putting this on, but I have one of these lenses on my Speed Graphic and it works fine. Very sharp, contrasty lens, just limited coverage.
    If your standards don't get close enough to focus, maybe you could rig up some sort of recessed lens board?
  6. I followed your instructions and I found out I can focus on closer objects, but not at infiniry.
    So I will try to get a recessed lens board for my camera, it is a 5x7 actually.
    It is a matter of bringing the lens something about 1/2 inch closer to the focusing screen.
    When I tilt both the standards I have a sharp image on my ground glass.
    I thought it was possible to move the two cells to get a different lens length.
    Thank you again,
  7. Rodenstock made the Ysarex 127mm f4.7 for Speed Graphics and Crowns. The Shutter was as pathfinder or other; maybe even a compur. I think this lens was post WW2. Alot of Kodak Ektar 127mm F4.7 were used on wartime 4x5 and 3x4 cameras. The 127mm was a standard lens for many 4x5 press cameras for at least 1/3 century. It really covers a 3x4" format reallyn well; and is acceptable for 4x5 for press usage.
  8. The shutter is a Prontor SVS and it works fine.
    I prefer modern Copal, of course, but Prontor is ok.
    It is a very bright and sharp lens, I love it.
    It covers the 4x5 if you do not need to tilt very much.
    And I have heard it covers 99% of 5x7 /probably with problems around the borders.)
    I am definitely looking for a recessed lens board.
  9. I pulled one of these lenses off of the same Polaroid you have. I use it on a Crown. Not much rise, but it works fine. I think the last time I used it was for a straight on shot of a house that the client needed for a add brochure. I shot chome and the transparencies were great...plenty sharp and nice contrast.

    A lot of these lenses haven't been used for a while and the slow speeds might be off (mine are a bit off). As long as you compensate you should be fine.
  10. What camera do you have? If it's a monorail, you may have to demount the tripod clamp and move it to the outside of the standards, in order to get the standards close enough. Or, try tilting both the front and rear standards backwards (by the same amount), and then use the rising front to bring the lens central again. This closes up the gap between the standards. All you have to do then is point the whole camera downwards to get the standards back to vertical.
  11. It is a Fatif monorail camera.
    I just picked up a vintage recessed board and it works fine.
    It is drilled a copal 0 hole and it is a bit large for the 127 ysarex but I managed to make it
    It covers the 5x7 format. No movement, but every corner of my GG is bright and clear.
    I cannot use my 4x5 reducing back, because the GG is more distant from the back element
    than the 5x7 one, a weird design solution, the 4x5 back is a later model.
    I will try to tilt back and front standards, but I think it is a matter of half inch...
  12. ressesed lens board on the other side you need

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