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  1. For some reason I've collected more 126 format cameras than anybody
    needs. Most are low-end Instamatics but a few appear to be of much
    better quality both mechanically and with what looks like better
    glass. Just for fun I'd like to use some of them, preferably with
    B&W film. Sometimes I just prefer simple and cameras like the Holga
    don't interest me. Is there a source somewhere for 126 film in B&W
    or in color? Thanks.

    Rick H.
  2. JandC Photo sells Adox and Solaris 126 color film. I don't believe anyone is
    making 126 black and white film at this time.

  3. At least Kodak made has made higher quality instamatic cameras, the higher the first digit of the produkt number, the better quality. Of course we're still talking consumer-market here but well, when you look at the (premium) prices Kodak demanded for some cameras.

    For some information and a list of Kodak instamatic cameras, check my Kodak Website.
  4. hi mischa

    i was very much impressed about your website...very nice and comprehensive kodak history...i have yet to see another as good as yours...congrats and thank you for sharing


  5. I saw a mixed lot of 126 film on ebay (some color, some B/W). The black and white was Verichrome Pan and Tri-X. The better 126 cameras read the notch on high speed 126 cartridges (High Speed Ektachrome and Tri-X) and expose accordingling. The notch keys in an ISO setting of 160 so you'd want to pull your Tri-X a little when you develop.
  6. BH Photo (bhphoto.com) sells it.
  7. J and C has the best prices for 126 that I have found. I have a few of the high-end Kodak 126 cameras and they are still some of my favorite "snapshot" cameras. You won't find and fresh B&W or slide film, though, as neither has been made for quite some time. If you are looking for someone to process your 126 filn, Vermont Color Lab (vermontcolor.com) charges $7.95 postage paid both ways. Dwayne's Photo (dwaynesphoto.com) charges a bit more and does not pay for postage either way.
  8. If careful you can reload a 126 cartrage with 35mm film. I saw the directions someplace recently so you may do a search.

  9. The only 126 film still manufactured are Ferrania/Solaris and Adox. Both are color print film (C-41). No black and white or slide is manufactured anymore. When I lived in the UK I used to buy my 126 film for my wonderful Rollei SL-26 SLR from: www.photosupplies.co.uk (who also process it and print it) and www.photoimpex.co.uk (former Retro Photographic UK). Now that I live in Belgium I am getting my 126 film from www.photoimpex.de I found a laboratory in Brussels that was processing 126 for the same costs as 35mm but it has stoped. 126 film is still very easy to find but not easy to process for a low price.

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