125 Hector F2.5

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  1. This lens was made in Canada and seems to be specific to the
    Visoflex housing. What distinction does it have? A review of Google seems to say
    that the price is $800 with no takers. Ok, someone is trying to sell me one. Reluctant.
  2. http://www.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=003zp3


    Also try searching with the correct spelling "Hektor."
  3. Pluses: Wide open it will glamorize you "old Maid" Aunt. Stopped down it will give you outstanding sharpness.
    Minus's: heavy as "H". Must be used on the Visoflex in the M system(best with a sturdy tripod). Can be adapted to an "R" but the weight will greatly affect the balance hand-held.
    I LOVE IT!!
    If it is in fine condition, with mint glass, $800.00 is a decent price.
  4. I bought/rather my brother bought one for me in Pittsburgh around 10 years ago for 40.00 in excellent condition. I played with it wide open great!! Nice head shot lens. Nice lens.
  5. the lens has a fascinating history which is discussed by Jim Lager in his books. It really is a projection lens of about 120mm focal length and used in such a mount by some until Leitz actually made it in a real mount with focussing and marked it correctly at first and finally settled on 125mm. Made first in Germany and later in Canada.
  6. Thanks to all. I will pass as too specilized--

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