11x14 from Nikon D70?

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by bryan_simpson, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. Hello,

    I just got a nikon D70, and I was wondering how large of prints people have made from
    the camera? Can I make a nice 11x14 from a RAW file without significant image quality
    loss? Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Bryan, I don't own the Nikon, but have a Canon 10D, but I hear the two camera's images are very similar in terms of quality. The answer as far as I'm concerned is absolutely. In fact, I've gone as big as my printer will allow - 13X19" with no problem. So far, Photoshop's bicubic interpolation hasn't let me down, and I hear that for some images, Spline can be better. Of course, much has to do with the exposure - use as low an ISO as possible and the best glass you've got with a well lit subject and the sky's the limit, I bet. Good luck!
  3. Ditto Beau's post. I'm also a 10D owner, but the 6MP in the D70's sensor are just as sweet by all reports. I also print up to 13x19 from my 10D + L zooms with excellent results, and no resizing/resampling. I just let the (Canon S9000) printer's drivers do their magic.
  4. Bryan

    I have printed several photos on an Epson 1280 using 11x14 matte paper. They are hanging on the wall of my office and I can honestly say they stop people in their tracks. My colonel made the comment "I can hear the water lapping on the rocks" as he looked at a shot of Lake Tahoe.
  5. I just delivered a 16x20 print to a client and was very pleased. And this was about an 80% crop from the original file.
  6. So far, I've got you all beat. I've had a 20 x 30 print done with no problem by a local printer (Chromatics), in Nashville, TN. The photo is in my portfolio if you want to take a look at it. It's called "Visual - City of Cincinnati from Covington, Ky". I'm having a second print done that is in my portfolio called "Nashville - Capital from the Mall". However, due to the crop, there will be some artifacting in the image at 20 x 30. "Visual - City of Cincinnati from Covington, Ky" was enlarged as it is uncropped. I hope tis helps.
  7. Gregg-

    How much does it cost to have a 20x30 print done?

  8. Bryan, be careful with the conclusion you take from the responses you've received. Just because some 6MP shots can be enlarged to 11x14 (or 20x30) doesn't mean all shots can. I use an 11MP Canon 1Ds and even tripod mounted and with prime lenses there's some shots that I can't enlarge beyond 9"x13.5".

    The biggest determinant on "enlargeability" is often the subject itself. Forget the theory that big prints have a longer viewing distance, a sharp photograph of any size invites the viewer to step closer and enjoy the detail. And there's the problem because some shots will simply short-change the viewer if enlarged too far. A head and shoulders portrait would be life size at 20"x30" (as would a head shot at 11"x14"), and a life size portrait had better show each individual eyelash with crystal clarity and without any hint of digital artifacts. Choose a model with thick, dark hair or mascara and you'll probably get away with it. With a fair haired, fresh faced child you'll need more than 6MP to pass the "eye-lash test".

    Alternatively, a cityscape with some tiny lettering on a street sign almsost begs the viewer to lean forward and try and read it, take a 6MP shot to 11"x14" or beyond and it's by no means guaranteed you'll pass the test.

    I'm not saying all or even most 6MP shots are restricted to 8"x10", but in the general euphoria surrounding digital there's too many ambitious enlargeability claims that need to be balanced with some more sober assessments. Most times you can make a fine 11x14 print from 6MP, but "most times" isn't "all times".

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