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  1. I'm embarking on a low fidelity landscape project. I'll be using 4x5 wet plate, Zone Plate, and 110 film in a Pentax Auto 110 and Kodak
    Ektra 1. Does anyone know of any labs in Canada and the US that process 110 C41 and E6. I'm using the 110 films from the Film
    Photography Project site. Most of the output will go to Inkjet....but some will be printed with the Gum process.

  2. Why would you waste your 110 canisters on a commercial developer that will likely throw them out?
  3. Because the Kodak and Fuji cannisters are glued. As I dont want to do E6 and C41 myself, it is easier to have a lab do it.
    I will be checking to see if the lab can save the cannisters so I can load b&w 16mm into them to process myself.
  4. I just assumed a person doing wet plate would be performing other "dark arts" like c41 or e6....lol
    I didn't know they were glued. How does the lab open them?
    Try this if you get stuck...
  5. Thanks for the link. I'm all about dark arts...but after trying for 20 minutes to get one open in my dark bag....I gave
    up....with a bloody thumb! Those things are tough!
  6. I just found this http://www.instructables.com/id/Disassemble-and-Reload-a-110-Film-Cartridge/
    There is a video on the bottom of the page that shows you.
  7. Try Dwayne's Photo.
    Scroll down to the bottom of the page for 110.
  8. Thanks everyone!
  9. Don't forget to post them! I am curious on how they will tun out....
  10. Any chance the FPP crew might have some leads?
  11. I will post pics. I've got some requests out to
    the FPP crew as well.
  12. can you shoot with 35mm and then crop out the 110 portion? It could be less expensive that way.
  13. The problem with shooting with 35mm and cropping is that the lens is different than what I get with pocket 100 cameras.
    That is the point. I agree, it would be less expensive. But it was also not give me the look I am after.
  14. I think if you use wide angle lenses you would have similar view as using the 110.
  15. Bebu, that doesn't really make sense. The lens designs in most 110 cameras are plastic, and very simple. FOV with a
    wide angle on 35mm doesn't approximate 110.

    Maybe I need to clarify something as it has come up up here and in the B&W post I made in another thread.....the goal is
    to use 110 cameras and 110 film. No offence, but I don't want suggestions on how I can use 35mm, etc, etc.
  16. Livingston Camera in Livingston, NJ should be able to develop and print your 110 film. If you ask I'm sure they would return your cartrudges too.
  17. Thanks Jeff....I'll email them.
  18. I hear that there is someone now producing new 110 film, B&W and C41.
    Has anyone tried that?
    I still have some Kodak 110, refrigerated since I bought it new, to try some day.
  19. Glen, you can buy all sorts of new 110 film here. The E6 is cool.


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