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  1. I have been trying to find some stocks of 110 film in preperation for my Spring break. At present I am using the 100 speed Fuji from Japan Exposures but am on my last few rolls. It seems that 110 film has met the same untimely end as APS and 126 but I have not seen anything in writing about it here (or anywhere). I have some lovely 110 rangefinders and a brand new Canon 110 ED20 that I was hoping to get some use out of.
    Any update on the availability of 110 film appreciated.
  2. No longer made but with some cameras you can reload the cartridges. I see it going for about 10-15 bucks a roll in the internet.
  3. There is still hope
  4. Brian I have been waiting for that for a few years now and the 126...
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    I'm afraid that 110 has gone the way of the (non-avian) dinosaurs. Yes, there are vendors selling aging stock in various states of preservation. But if you want anything like reliable image quality, your only choice is to spool it yourself. Adox has been planning to start manufacturing 110 (and 126) film for some time, but until you actually have a cartridge in your hand it's probably not wise to hold your breath.
    For all practical purposes, 110 is dead and gone.
  6. I still see it at mom and pop stores behind the counter. Most seems to be gold 400.
  7. I just had a quick warning about Kodak 400 film. If you use a 400 ISO film in a typical 110 point-and-shoot camera, you need to cut the tab off the end of the film cartridge. This is because the tab will press a little switch or something on the camera and make it read the cartridge as if it was 100 ISO, which will cause your pictures to be way overexposed. For whatever reason, Kodak had started putting those tabs on both 100 and 400 ISO cartridges. I read about this on another website, although unfortunately I can't remember where. But it works. The pictures I've taken came out okay.

    A couple of years ago, I got lucky and I managed to buy up all the 110 cartridges I could find in the Walmart stores where I live. I knew something was about to happen when I saw them going on sale for like $1.50 each. I have some still saved in the freezer right now. And I do see them being sold sometimes on eBay and other sites.
  8. Well I use a Minolta 110 Zoom and the tab is now on all speeds it seems as I just looked at a cartage of 100,200 and 400. You may have read that at www.subclub.org. This is where I learned to reload 110 film.
  9. I often find 110 film at camera swap meets. I don't buy it because I don't have a 110 camera.

    I never find any 126 though.
  10. Yes and 126 was so much better... :)
  11. There is a new 110 B&W film producer that offers new film and processing.
    Google--- lomography orca 110 b&w film
  12. Skip there are a few new 110 films out besides Orca. One is a color film from China.

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