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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by roger_k, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. Hi there, I went to B&H and asked if they had a wirelss cable release
    for the 10D. He kept on trying to sell me the wired one. I have the
    wireless transmitter that controls my 3 550ex flashes. Is there such
    a thing as a wireless remote cable release that controls a) focusing
    2) shutter speed manually etc. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Roger,

    The flash controler that you have is the ST-E2, all that can do is wirelessly control
    flashes. The Canon wireless remote control for shutter release is called the LC 4. It will
    focus before taking the picture but you have no remote control over shutter speeds,
    that is, it will shoot the picture at the settings you have already put into the camera. I
    don't think the LC4 is very good value when compared to a pocket wizard setup.

    Take care, Scott.
  3. >He kept on trying to sell me the wired one.
    That's because there isn't an affordable wireless remote for the 10D.
    http://photonotes.org/articles/beginner-faq/ cameras.html#wiredwireless
  4. If you want to avoid the eyewatering expense of the LC3/LC4 or a Pocketwizard setup you still need to get an N series connector on a piece of cord to hook into other things (solder in a stereo jack and socket at a convenient point in the cable). The wired remote is probably the cheapest way of getting this. The wired remote basically consists of a pair of switches (see www.chantalcurrid.com for the basic theory), so you just need to adapt any two channel transmitter/receiver to emulate this. Depending on the range you need, this could be a child's remote controlled toy, garage remote opener through to more powerful transmitters probably available via stores like Radio Shack.

    Another shortish range solution involves using a pair of WiFi laptops, and a USB cable to connect the camera to one of them. Use the remote capture software, and something like PC Anywhere to control one laptop from the other. This may or may not suit your application, but it will give you the maximum available remote control, in that you have all the features of the remote capture software, rather than just control over focus and shutter.

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