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  1. From another forum I heard that the shutter of the Canon 10D 'only'
    lasts about 50.000 shots (1388 films). Allthough it seems much, the
    advantage of having a digital camera is that you can shoot a lot more
    then when using an 'ordinary SLR'. I do shoot a lot of films with my
    analog SLR and expect to shoot way more when going digital.... Should
    I be concerned about that number of 50.000? Anyone experience with
    that?? Shutter replacement could get expensive, not?
  2. I dont worry about it. The shutter of the d30 supposedly should last fewer shots then that (around 30k), and there's not a lot of reports of people having to replace the shutter (some, but not nearly enough to cause turbulence on the net like the 10d and its focussing).

    Anyhow, fincancially things do sum up even if it would fail after 40 to 50thousand: the 10d is around $1400. Where can one buy and develop 1400 films for that money? Buying a film camera and 1388 films (+development, let alone contacting for review) will certainly cost more.
  3. You should have heard the same thing in this forum, since I know I've pointed it out here myself.

    Should you be worried? Well, if you take around 50,000 shots you should expect that your shutter may need to be replaced. That will probably cost you a couple of hundred dollars. You might get lucky and not need it, you might get unlucky and need it at 40,000 shots. I know of people who shoot a LOT and have had the shutter fail in an EOS D30. I don't think the 10D has been around long enough to start to see shutters wearing out.

    Chasseur d'Image tested an EOS-3 which is rated for 100,000 shots. I believe it failed at something over 400,000. It's hard to say if Canon were consevative in their lifetime estimate or if CdI were just lucky.
  4. Bob, I believe that test went to 450k releases, but somewhere else I saw a test on the EOS 3 that reached around 400k. Maybe flukes but who knows.

    The 10Ds shutter can wear out, but you'll have used it a hell of a lot before that happens. We're got D30s at our equipment cages that are as old as they can get and they're still cranking away. I don't know how many shots they've fired but they get heavily abused.
  5. It's possible that the EOS-3 shutter is much more reliable than spec'd by Canon since it is a "pro level" camera.

    I'm sure the shutter in the D30/60/10D isn't designed for such extended use - and Canon don't claim that it is. What I'm saying is that even if the eos-3 shutter has an average life 4x Canon's spec, that doesn't mean a D30/D60/10D will go for 200,000 cycles.

    It would be interesting to hear from anyone who's had a D30 shutter replaced just how many cycles it went through before failure. I've never seen or heard of a test being done by any photo magazine.

    In the grand scheme of things, even if it costs you $250 every 50,000 cycles, you're still about $13,500 ahead on film costs (assuming $10 roll for film and processing)!
  6. I had the shutters replaced on both my D30s after about 35,000 actuations. Cost was
    $350 each, including a full CLA by Canon. My D60 went to about 80,000 actuations
    before needing a motherboard replacement. My 10D started flaking out on me at
    around 10,000 actuations, but has not gotten bad enough to require service yet. It
    might fail on me tomorrow, or it might last the rest of the track seson.

    The moral of this story is you can never tell. I consider 35,000 actuations before
    repair pretty darn good, and 80,000 exceptional. But the 10D has me worried.
  7. That's not too cool Darron, I got a dud shutter in my EOS 3, but it was less than a year before it died and Canon had it back to me in a week with an entirely new shutter assembly.

    What's the warranty on the 10D, a year I presume.
  8. Like others have said, there is not too much to worry about.

    The issue is one of what market cameras are designed for. Despite the price of the 10D, it is not a pro camera. And not designed for the rigors of a pro that would take and shoot 4 to 10 rolls a day, day in and day out. Not to say that pro can't; but the chance of needed repairs earlier on is there.

    I would say that a shutter repair might be considered a badge of honor, if you had to replace it before the next replacement for your 10D came out.
  9. Very old discussion but I'll add something...

    my 10D failed after 60712...next frame was dark...shutter doesn't move anymore...no sign of missbehavier before that one.
  10. Marcus, How did you find out the exact # of actuations of your 10D?

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