105mm 2,4 question

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  1. hello.
    i got an offer on a 105mm 2,4 lens for the pentax.
    im considering buying it.
    what would atm be a decent price on it and is there anything special i should be aware of when
    checking it?
    were there more different models of the lens?

    thanks alot!
  2. There was probably no production run after 2005, though I bought one NIB for $275 in 2007 when B&H sale price was $430. And in 2003 the MSRP was $783 which I'm sure nobody paid. Time has passed and the market has changed, so you might check recent "sold" prices on eBay.
    The lens is a good one, with an optical arrangement of 6 elements in 5 groups, very much like a 50mm f/1.7 Pentax, which also has fine performance.
    The optics were pretty much the same all the way through from ~1969, with undoubtedly small mechanical changes from batch to batch, and improved coatings. Pentax's improvements in the 6x7 system were continual and gradual, such that the name change from 6x7 to 67 was mostly in the name. The 67II was the dramatic change for the body.
    The early 105mm had metal fluted-pattern focus ring, and identification info printed on the ring around the front element, and was named "Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 6x7", and I believe this soon changed to "SMC Takumar 6x7". My later one is a "SMC Pentax 67". Some late P67 lenses had this identification printed around the beveled front edge of the focusing ring, but I don't know that the 105 did. The "SMC Pentax 67" went to a rubber surface for the focusing ring, in a grenade pattern.
    So there are some differences over the years, but nothing optically significant other than coatings.
  3. I second the recommendation to check the sold prices on eBay. Also KEH.
  4. thanks alot, is it worth buying since I already have the 90 2.8 and the 150 2.8 just becouse the
    insane 2.4 dof:)?
    my work are most portraits in available light?
    thanks again
    the offered price is pretty good
  5. J, I'd get it. You can't have too many lenses, or so I have convinced myself!! Buy before you die; it will be too late afterwards.

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